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A quick introduction to Thrifty Ice Cream Scoop is given in the following article.


A few Southern California restaurants were serving Thrifty Ice Cream three decades ago, but most people were unaware of their existence.

Back then, shops were afraid to tell their customers they served what was considered poor man’s ice cream made in a small factory in El Monte. Therefore, the Thrifty brand would not be seen on Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor menus, delivered in an unmarked pick-up truck with 3-gallon cartons.

“There was a stigma. We were the cheap ice cream,” said Ron Simmer, general manager of the Thrifty Ice Cream plant in El Monte.


But this year, as Thrifty celebrates its 70th birthday, the nostalgic drugstore treat is finally growing up.

The ice cream label is proudly displayed in indie shops from Catalina Island to Las Vegas and freezer space at some Costco business warehouses in California and Washington.

Thrifty Ice Cream Scoop that will bring back childhood memories!

Thrifty Ice Cream Scoop Scooper Stainless Steel Rite-Aid

Thrifty Ice Cream Scoop Scooper Stainless Steel Rite-Aid

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Thrifty
  • Is Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Unit Count: 15.0672 Ounce

The simplicity of eating Thrifty’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream when I was a young person was one of life’s simple pleasures. However, something about going into the store and using the unique cylindrical scoops has a special effect.


A bit of the experience can now be brought home since Thrifty’s is selling its vintage ice cream scoopers that they’ve used since the 1940s.

There are a few features unique to this scooper that you won’t find in other scoopers. The cylinder has three prongs inside, which dig into the ice cream to hold it in place, in addition to its stainless steel base. As soon as you’re ready to place the scoop onto your cone or cup, there is a minor release trigger you pull to release the ice cream smoothly into the container. You can think of it as a little ice cream gun.

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Thrifty Ice Cream Scoop Review – Is it Worth it?

The Thrifty ice cream scoop is mainly problematic because of its shape. Having made a few cylindrical rounds, you are left with gaps. You can only close these gaps by smashing them down and trying to make them work. Larger tubs of ice cream are better suited for these scoops. Ice cream scoops traditionally come in a ball shape. Therefore, having weird gaps pop up is not a big deal.


The second problem is that they never really come out in perfect shape. If the bottom or top of the ice cream is too much or too little, then it might not be enough. In addition, there are two prongs on the scoop. It adds weird holes to your ice cream.

The issue of quality is also important. Numerous reports from users mention that the quality isn’t as good as the original one. It is believed that the original is made out of cast aluminum rather than welded. This would explain why the durability is not up to par.


What is the Advantage of Getting a Thrifty Ice Cream Scoop?

If you want traditional cylindrical ice cream, you won’t find many options. They might not have the best quality, but if you want them, they are your best choice. These days, they are relatively affordable. It was a bit pricey back when they were more limited – about 200 dollars for one. Additionally, we don’t know how long Rite Aid will be in business, so getting one before they go out of business is not a bad idea.


Besides that, nostalgia is the primary reason for purchasing it. Regaining your childhood memories in your adult life is something that makes you long for it. 

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In conclusion, the thrifty ice cream scoop is a delightful and practical accessory that transcends time and trends. Its ability to evoke childhood memories and bring a smile to your face with each scoop is unmatched. Whether you’re a fan of classic aluminum scoops or prefer the durability of stainless steel, there’s a thrifty ice cream scoop out there waiting to become your kitchen companion. Rediscover the joy of serving up perfect scoops of your favorite frozen delights and let the nostalgia flow as you create new memories with a timeless, thrifty ice cream scoop.



What makes an ice cream scoop “thrifty”?

A thrifty ice cream scoop is characterized by its simple and economical design. These scoops are often made of sturdy materials like aluminum or stainless steel, providing durability without breaking the bank. The term “thrifty” reflects both their affordability and the nostalgic charm they bring.

Are thrifty ice cream scoops suitable for hard ice cream?

Yes, thrifty ice cream scoops are designed to handle hard ice cream with ease. The sturdy construction and simple lever mechanism make it convenient to dig into even the most frozen ice cream, allowing you to create perfect scoops every time.

Do thrifty ice cream scoops come in different sizes?

Thrifty ice cream scoops typically come in a standard size, but you may find variations in the bowl’s diameter. Some models offer a larger scoop, ideal for those who enjoy generous servings, while others stick to a more traditional size for a classic ice cream experience.

Can thrifty ice cream scoops be used for other desserts?

Absolutely! While thrifty ice cream scoops excel at serving up perfect scoops of ice cream, they can also be used for other desserts like gelato, sorbet, or even for shaping cookie dough. Their versatility makes them a handy tool for various sweet treats.


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