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Overview of the 3 Best Aebleskiver Pan You Should Buy

Before you start making Aebleskiver, the first thing that comes to mind is which pan you should use. There аre severаl mаnufасturers in the mаrket рrоduсing Aebleskiver Pan with different feаtures. The thing is to choose which one is best. So, all the item depends on your preferences. It’s not always possible that every best cookware is best for you too. It depends on your choices and needs and whether you are a professional chef running your restaurant or a beginner trying to prepare pancakes for your family.


For instance, a chef will go for a long-lasting product such as cast iron as he is already perfect in his cooking. On the other hand, a beginner will try to select a product that makes his cooking easier; for example, he might go for a nonstick one. 

After trying different pans to make these delicious cakes, we found some pans perfect for the Aebleskiver pan. 

 So, this article gives you a brief knowledge about the best Aebleskiver pan in the markets. 


List Of Best Aebleskiver Pan

Norpro Aebleskiver Pan 


The product is made up of cast iron and has a nonstick surface. Thus, it provides both durability and easiness, making it perfect for both beginners and professionals. The dimensions include 9 x 1.25 x 9 inches, black. So if you are a beginner and not so quick at making pancakes, it might not be easy to use it in large gatherings as it can produce seven cakes at one time. However, if you are professional, you can use it ideally and fastly. 


The Ergonomic handle is 7-1/2-inch-long that remains cool during cooking; thus, you can easily use the pan. 

So, Make the famous Danish treat Aebleskiver pan, filled pancakes, in your home using a Norpro Nonstick pan and Serve this sweet or delicious savory anytime!

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  • Cast-aluminum construction heats quickly; nonstick surface.
  • The ergonomic 7-1/2-inch-long handle stays cool to the touch.
  •  Meаsures: 16.5″ x 9″ x 1.25″ / 42сm x 23сm x 3сm  


  • There’s a recipe book included for free
  • Construction and design of the highest standard
  • A heavy-duty plastic handle provides an ergonomic grip
  • Nonstick surface, which does cleaning and using this pan simple


  • The molds in these pans are relatively shallow compared to others.

Nordic Ware Aebleskiver Pan/Ebleskiver Pan

Price: $35.95


Nordic ware’s merchandise is made using a professional group of craftspeople in Minneapolis, Minnesota, all of whom proportion the imaginative and prescient of making the best kitchenware items in the industry. This Aebleskiver pan is made of heavy, warp-resistant cast aluminum that ensures even heating and makes perfect cakes. The Aebleskiver pan measures a diameter of 9-1/2 inches and can make seven 2-1/4-inch traditional Danish pancakes simultaneously. The product is made in the USA with a handle from China. However, it is not dishwasher-suitable; handwashing is suggested with mild detergent. 


Use any pancake or waffle recipe or combine to make these delicious round pancakes with fillings inside! 


  • PFOA Free nonstick coating.
  • Phenolic handle
  • It is made of cast aluminum.
  •  9-1/2 inches diameter
  • can make seven cakes at one time
  • It is made in the USA with a handle from China. 


  • A high degree of durability
  • Effortless cleaning and cooking with nonstick coating
  • It’s easy to clean
  • Heat is distributed evenly and uniformly
  • An all-purpose pan you can use to prepare many different foods


  • The handle angle seems excessive to some chefs

Upstreet Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan

Price: $28.95


Quick Review 

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Solid iron cookware, just like the Upstreet Aebleskiver pan, is valued for its heat retention quality. Aebleskivers are made perfectly in the Aebleskiver cast iron pan. Solid iron gives even heating, so pancake balls turn ‘stunning Aebleskiver brown.’ Its unique silicone handle is heat resistant allowing you to move the Ebleskiver pan with ease. As with any skillet or frying pan, you want to avoid contact between skin and hot cast iron. The best thing about this pan is that it can be used on all cooking surfaces. (e.g., electric coil stove tops, electric glass top or ceramic, induction stovetops, etc.)


Mоreоver, it is sсrаtсh-resistаnt аnd eаsy tо сleаn. Yоu саn сhооse it соnfidently аs If yоu might nоt be sаtisfied with yоur рurсhаse – fоr аny reаsоn whаtsоever — yоu mаy return yоur раn set within 30 dаys fоr а full refund.  

So, enjoy delicious pancakes in their original round shape of upstreet Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan.


  • Made of Cast- Iron
  • It can be used on all types of surfaces such as stove tops, electric glass tops, ceramic, or induction.
  • Handles are made of silicon, which is heat resistant. 
  • It gives even heat to your Aebleskiver pancakes and makes them tasty and fluffy. 


  • This blue silicone handle is fun and functional, and it’s meant to keep you cool
  • Made of cast iron, it can be used for all types of cooking surfaces
  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • Upstreet offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the Cast Iron Aebleskiver  Pan for Danish Stuffed Pancake Balls 
  • In addition to Aebleskiver sticks, it comes with a small recipe book


  • This option is slightly heavier at about 4 pounds.
  • Because the surface is made from cast iron, hand-washing is recommended.

Other Things You Can Prepare Using Aebleskiver pan

  • Mini Dutch Baby Pancakes 
  • Paddu- an Indian dish somewhat similar to Aebleskivers.
  • Neyyappam- an Indonesian food made up of rice flour and coconut.
  •  Serabi or Khanom Khrok- made with some combination of rice flour and coconut milk or shredded coconut.
  • Kue Cubit- also called Indonesian pinch cake. 
  • Poffertjes- dutch recipe bit different from Aebleskivers.
  • Takoyaki- a Japanese version of a round puffed snack

What is Aebleskiver?

Aebleskiver or Ebleskiver are a type of danish pancake puffs which is cooked in a special stovetop pan with half-spherical molds.


The meaning of Aebleskiver is “apple slices” in Danish. The call suggests that there were apples inside the authentic recipe. But, modern-day variations of the Danish specialty no longer consist of apples.

Legend has it that in the time of the Vikings, when they roamed the coastal waters of Britain and the Atlantic, a number of the Vikings had been brutally hit in warfare. As they returned to their ship, they made pancakes with their badly dented horn helmets and shields. As they didn’t have proper cookware, they greased their shields and poured the batter on them over a fire. There are a few motives why this tale might not be appropriate, including the reality that Viking shields were partially made of wood. 


When and in Which are Aebleskiver Served?

Aebleskiver, traditional Danish spherical pancakes, are typically served during the holiday season, especially in the month leading up to Christmas. The Danish people have a strong association between Aebleskiver and the festive Christmas atmosphere. Families often gather to make and enjoy these delightful treats together.

Aebleskiver can be served in various ways, making them a versatile and beloved treat. Common serving options include:

  1. Dusted with Powdered Sugar: Aebleskiver are often served simply, dusted with a generous coating of powdered sugar. The sweetness of the sugar complements the slightly crisp exterior and fluffy interior of the pancakes.
  2. With Fruit Preserves: Another popular way to enjoy Aebleskiver is by serving them with a side of fruit preserves or jams. The tartness of the fruit preserves adds a delightful contrast to the sweetness of the pancakes.
  3. Filled with Jam or Chocolate: Some Aebleskiver recipes involve filling the pancakes with jam, chocolate, or other sweet fillings. This adds an extra layer of flavor and richness to the treat.
  4. Accompanied by Whipped Cream: Aebleskiver can be served with a dollop of whipped cream, adding a light and airy texture that enhances the overall experience.
  5. As a Snack or Dessert: While Aebleskiver is a popular Christmas treat, they are also enjoyed as a delightful snack or dessert throughout the year. Their bite-sized, spherical shape makes them convenient for any occasion.
  6. At Christmas Markets and Festivals: In Denmark, Aebleskiver are a common sight at Christmas markets and festivals. The aroma of these cooking delights wafts through the air, creating a festive and cozy atmosphere.

Overall, Aebleskiver holds a special place in Danish culture and is cherished as a symbol of warmth, togetherness, and the joy of the holiday season.


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How to make Aebleskiver?

Making Aebleskiver is a delightful process that involves creating fluffy, spherical pancakes with a crisp exterior. Here’s a basic recipe to guide you through the steps:


  •  Three eggs
  •  Three tablespoons sugar
  •  One teaspoon salt
  •  Two cups buttermilk
  • Two clubs flower
  •  One teaspoon of baking powder
  • One teaspoon of baking soda to skewer sticks of corn oil or any oil you prefer
  • About half a cup of powdered sugar


  1. Prepare the Batter: In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks, buttermilk, and melted butter. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir until just combined.
  2. Whip Egg Whites: In another bowl, use an electric mixer to whip the egg whites until stiff peaks form. Gently fold the whipped egg whites into the batter to create a light and airy consistency.
  3. Preheat the Aebleskiver Pan: Place your Aebleskiver pan on the stovetop and heat it over medium heat. Add a small amount of butter to each well of the pan, allowing it to melt and coat the surfaces.
  4. Fill the Pan: Spoon batter into each well of the aebleskiver pan, filling them nearly to the top. As the batter cooks, it will rise and create the characteristic spherical shape.
  5. Cook and Turn: Allow the aebleskiver to cook until the edges start to set and become golden brown. Using a skewer or fork, carefully turn each pancake to cook the other side. Continue turning until the entire pancake is cooked and has a golden-brown color.
  6. Serve: Once fully cooked, transfer the Aebleskiver to a plate. Dust them with powdered sugar or serve with your preferred toppings, such as fruit preserves, jam, or whipped cream.
  7. Enjoy: Aebleskiver is best enjoyed warm. Serve them as a delightful snack, dessert, or during festive occasions.

Feel free to customize the recipe by adding fillings like jam or chocolate for an extra burst of flavor. Enjoy your homemade Aebleskiver!


Final Words

In conclusion, investing in a high-quality Aebleskiver pan is the key to creating authentic and delicious Danish treats in the comfort of your kitchen. The three pans highlighted in this guide offer distinct features catering to different preferences, ensuring a delightful cooking experience. Whether you prioritize non-stick surfaces, durability, or traditional cast iron, these pans provide a range of options to suit your Aebleskiver-making needs. Elevate your culinary skills and enjoy the delightful process of crafting these delectable treats with the right Aebleskiver pan.



What is an Aebleskiver, and why do I need a specific pan for it?

Aebleskiver is a Danish treat, often described as spherical pancakes. The unique shape requires a specialized pan with multiple round indentations to cook the batter evenly and achieve the characteristic round shape.

What features should I consider when choosing an Aebleskiver pan?

Consider the material (cast iron, non-stick, etc.), the number of indentations, the pan’s diameter, and the handle design. These features impact the pan’s performance and your overall cooking experience.

Can I use a regular pan to make Aebleskiver?

While it’s technically possible, using a dedicated Aebleskiver pan with multiple indentations makes the process much easier and ensures that the pancakes cook evenly and achieve the desired round shape.

How do I clean and maintain an Aebleskiver pan?

Cleaning methods depend on the pan’s material. Non-stick pans are often easy to clean with mild soap and water, while cast iron pans may require seasoning. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance.

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