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The Largest U.S. Virgin Island Is Largely Unspoiled — Thanks to Its Eco-friendly Ethos

St. Croix, a jewel in the Caribbean, goes beyond its breathtaking landscapes; it stands out as an eco-friendly haven, fostering low-impact tourism and sustainable practices.

1. Bush Cook Events: Savoring Sustainability

St. Croix hosts unique events like Bush Cook, celebrating local culinary delights while promoting sustainable practices. It’s a culinary adventure that intertwines with the island’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty.


2. Thriving Small Farms: Nurturing Sustainable Agriculture

With over 450 small farms, St. Croix has witnessed a threefold increase since 2007. This surge contributes significantly to sustainable agriculture, supporting local communities and reducing the island’s ecological footprint.


3. Eco-friendly Initiatives: Lights, Solar, and Reefs

The island’s commitment to eco-friendliness is evident in various initiatives. Dimmed streetlights protect turtle nesting areas, solar panels harness the abundant Caribbean sunshine, and coral reef restoration efforts underline the dedication to preserving underwater ecosystems.

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4. Boutique Hotels Leading the Way: Waves Cane Bay

Boutique hotels play a crucial role in St. Croix’s eco-friendly ethos. Waves Cane Bay, for instance, goes beyond offering a luxurious stay. It collects rainwater for sustainable use, implements eco-friendly designs, and prioritizes responsible tourism practices.


5. Sustainable Dining: Ama’s Contribution to Conservation

Ama, the seafood restaurant at Waves Cane Bay, is a standout example of sustainable dining. By serving lionfish ceviche, it contributes to environmental conservation efforts. This culinary innovation not only offers a delightful experience but also aids in controlling the invasive lionfish population.


6. Marine Life Exploration: Coral Innovation Hub

Explore St. Croix’s marine life with visits to the Coral Innovation Hub. Here, ongoing research focuses on developing methods to restore reefs faster, showcasing the island’s commitment to preserving its underwater wonders.


7. Nature Preserves: Guardians of Biodiversity

St. Croix’s dedication to conservation extends to its nature preserves. Successful efforts in protecting sea turtle eggs and fostering bioluminescence tourism at Salt River Bay highlight the island’s commitment to biodiversity preservation.

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