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As part of my review of the square pan available on the market, I will present the top 4 square pan reviews in my article.


You can make cooking fun by making the right choice in cookware. Regarding pans, Having the best pan is vital to cooking your food properly. Food prepared in dissimilar cookware tastes different.

For example, meat tastes delicious when roasted for a long time in a cast-iron pan but loses its delightful flavor when prepared in stainless-steel vessels. Cookware is the gear used to put together food for cooking.

There are numerous unique types of cookware, but the most commonplace kind includes pans. Everyone should have these items in their kitchens: saucepans, a frying pan/saucepan with a cover or lid so that you can roast your veggies and chicken.


When it comes to square pans, these are very trendy and have some extra features that I will explain in my square pan reviews.

The article I wrote about the top 4 square pans is intended to be quite helpful to you, so I am hoping you will enjoy it.

Square Pan Benefits

Square pans have extended corners that circular pans don’t. Thus, they can fit in an extra amount of meals simultaneously; this means quicker cooking.


In reality, square pans provide up to 25% more extra cooking location than round pans.

They also offer a different intensity to maintain juices and keep your meat and greens moistened. 

Square pans are ideal for brewing or braising red meat. The corners additionally make it less complicated to spoon out any juices. You may, without difficulty, tilt the pan, and all of the liquid will drift to one side.

It is effortless to flip omelets or crepes in square pans as compared to circular pans. 


These features make square pans a handier alternative than round pans. 

Moreover, square pans give a more elegant look as compared to circular ones. 

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Choose The Best Square Pan to Buy

Brand MaterialColorWeightManufacturer Product Link
Rock Tawa
Cast IronBlack9.35 Pounds Shri Lakshmi Narasimhar Foundries Pvt LtdBuy Now
Cast IronBlack11 PoundsLodge Manufacturing CompanyBuy Now
Cast IronBlack3.3 Pounds MannarcraftBuy Now

Goodful Aluminum Non-stick Square Pan

PRICE- $24.99



Brand Anolon
Material Hard Anodized Aluminium 
Diameter 11 inches
Color Graphite Gray
Shape Square
Weight 5.61 Pounds
Manufacturer Meyer Corporation
Product Square Fry Pan with Helper Handle, 4 Quart, GraphiteGray,83862

This smooth nonstick pan makes your cooking quite simple. The nonstick coating is made without PFOA. You will get a jumbo-turner made of nylon with this pan, with which you can easily lift larger size food such as omelets or pancakes.

The pan is made up of aluminum which is a great conductor of heat. Thus, it will heat up very quickly and distribute heat very quickly, which means it will cook your food more evenly. The accurately fitted handles provide you a smooth grip which enables you to flip your food like a pro.


Moreover, it is dishwasher safe; Cook your meals, enjoy your food, and place your cookware into the dishwasher after you are done. What could be easier than that? 


  • Diamond-strengthened nonstick coating is made without PFOA
  • Even heating for perfectly cooked food
  • The clean nonstick coating makes cooking meals handy. 
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • At ease grip manage
  • Expansive cooking floor
  • It comes with a nylon jumbo-turner. It is safe to use on nonstick cooking surfaces.

 Swiss Diamond Induction Square Pan

PRICE- $134.95 



Brand Greenpan
MaterialAnodized Aluminum
Diameter 11 Inches
Color Graphite Gray
Shape Square
Weight2.56 Pounds
Manufacturer Greenpan
Product GreenPan Chatham 11″ Ceramic Non-Stick Square Griddle, Grey –

Swiss Diamond is a premier cookware and kitchenware brand established in 2001. The induction square fry pan from Swiss Diamond is a cast aluminum pan with vacuum casting.

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Well, it means that all the bubbles or imperfections get sucked out of the molten aluminum when they cast the pan, so you’re not going to encounter any hotspots.


Thus, It’s just going to be solid aluminum through its cast in the same way cast iron is. As aluminum is excellent for heat conductivity, it just heats up super fast, really evenly all along with the pan. Аnоther greаt feаture is thаt the hаndle is аttасhed оutside the раn.

So it makes it easy to cook and clean after that. Moreover, you can use it in an oven, gas, or induction; it is entirely compatible. 



  • Use the physical properties of diamonds to provide additional strength and longevity. 
  • It helps in ideal healthy cooking without oil 
  • Superior heat conductors provide even heat to food.
  •  Sаfe uр tо 500 degrees in the оven. 
  • Dishwasher safe. 

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Anolon Square Pan

PRICE- $63.62


Material Stainless Steel
Brand Heritage Steel
Capacity 5,68 Liters
Color Steel
Shape Round
Product Dimensions 13.6 x 13.3 x 5.6 inches
Item Weight 4.95 Pounds
Manufacturer Heritage Steel
Product Heritage Steel 6 Quart Rondeau with Lid 

This excellent squаre раn is mаde frоm hаrd-аnоdized аluminum thаt рrоvides quiсk аnd even heаt distributiоn tо helр reduсe hоt sроts thаt саn burn fооds. In addition, the Premium Nonstick quality of the pan is long-lasting and with superior food release, does cleaning effortlessly.


Perfect and precise handles are designed for a comfortable grip. Handles allow you to take your pan from the stove to the oven comfortably and to the table. You can check out your food while cooking through its glass lid.

Moreover, its domed-shaped tumbler style keeps the heat and moisture inside and makes your food more delicious and rich in flavor.  


  • A spacious 4-quart sauté pan with a lid and helper cope is perfect for various frying and sauté recipes.
  • It is exceptionally durable and provides rapid, even heat without the hotspots that burn meals.
  • Top-class nonstick interior and out promises superior food taste and effortless cleanup.
  • Anolon sure-grip handles are dual nailed for added energy and designed for comfortable dealing with cookware from range to oven to desk.
  •  Shatter-resistant, domed glass cookware lid seals in heat and taste while you watch recipes while cooking.
  • Lifetime guarantee

Greenpan Ceramic Square Pan

PRICE – $49.99



MaterialCast Iron
Brand Le Creuset
Capacity 3.5 Quarts
Color Cherry
Shape Round
Product Dimensions 10 x 12.5 x 5.5 inches
Item Weight 9 pounds
Manufacturer Le Creuset of America
ProductLe Creuset Signature Round Wide 3-1/2- Quart Dutch Oven, Cherry

Greenspan was the first healthy ceramic nonstick coated cookware on the market, a Belgian brand launched in 2007. It is entirely free of PTF. Thermal on is a one-layer ceramic coating that doesn’t burn, strip or shed off. Even though it’s far overheated, it’s 100% free of PFOA pass, lead, and cadmium, and it is healthful for you.


Additionally, Greenspan does not contain any toxic chemicals or persistent pollutants. The pan is safe to use at higher temperatures, swiftly going from the stovetop oven. It is easy to clean and scratch-resistant with no blistering or peeling.

The pan of Greenspan has bodies triply, a layer of aluminum forged together between two stainless steel caps and then coated with thermal on the diamond, giving superb heat conduction without wobbling on your stovetop.

The handles are brushed stainless steel, riveted for extra strength, and designed to provide maximum comfort and control while cooking; tempered glass lids are oven-safe up to 390°F and support easy food monitoring without dissipating the heat.


The sizeable extended area of the pan is quite suitable for every type of breakfast spread. 


  • Dishwasher secure for smooth cleanup
  • Metallic utensil secure, this series’s diamond-bolstered coating is incredibly durable.
  • The rigid hard anodized frame is scratch-resistant and designed to arise to everyday demands.
  • Оven аnd brоiler sаfe uр tо 600°f
  • Matte stainless steel with a riveted design gives a comfortable and cozy grip.
  • Appropriate for all stovetops besides induction.
  • Greenspan’s thermal wholesome ceramic nonstick coating is free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium, so it will by no means launch poisonous fumes.

Comparison of Cookware Material

Cast Iron


  • They are very durable; you can cook in them whether you are cooking outdoors or indoors. In addition, they are incredibly safe for cooking on your stovetops, on a grill, in your oven, or on campfires or coals. 
  • Cast iron is very versatile for cooking. You can prepare a variety of dishes in it. From roasting meat to baking or frying, you can do anything in it. 
  • It is best for outdoor cooking or when you have a low amount of fuel. This is due to the heat maintaining the property of cast iron; once it becomes hоt, it will remаin hоt fоr а lоng time.
  • Cast iron has a very long life that can last for generations. 


  • They are pretty heavy to carry around, especially when they contain food in them. 
  • It can cause iron toxicity in some individuals. 
  • Cast iron reacts with acidic food such as tomatoes.
  • If we talk about enameled cast iron, it can cause the toxicity of cadmium or lead. 
  • It tооk а lоt оf effоrt tо сleаn. 

Stainless Steel 


  • The stainless steel is nonreactive. Thus you can cook anything into it. 
  • They are easy to clean. It is less
  • expensive than many other options.
  • Steel is dishwasher safe. There is no need to make your hands dirty after cooking in stainless steel. 


  • Heat conductivity is not so good as compared to other substances except strengthened with aluminum or copper.
  • It may be expensive, especially with a copper core. 

Non- Stick


  • You can cook food with less or no oil, thus less contribute to fat.
  • Depending on the material of the pan, it can prove a good conductor of heat. 
  • Nonstick pans are not reactive to food. 
  • Delicate foods such as eggs are easy to make in nonstick pans.


  • Nonstick cookware is coated with Teflon, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene.
  • This carcinogen can produce harmful effects on the body, such as elevated cholesterol, abnormal thyroid hormone level, liver inflammation, or a weakened immune system. 

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Having conducted extensive research, we have found that the Swiss Diamond Induction Square Fry Pan is one of the best square fry pans to choose from.

In addition to its ideal size and durability, it provides a perfectly cooked product. Although it’s a bit pricey, a pan is a lasting experience that wouldn’t require you to purchase products frequently. Even though square pans may seem weird, they provide you with a lot of additional benefits.


It offers extra space for your meals to cook, and it is the ideal cookware for every type of cooking, such as roasting, braising, baking, or frying.

Therefore, you can choose from these square pans that will suit your needs perfectly.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the square pan stands out as a valuable addition to any kitchen, offering a myriad of benefits that cater to various cooking needs. From its even heat distribution to its versatility in preparing a wide range of dishes, the square pan proves its worth in creating delicious and perfectly cooked meals. When choosing the best square pan, consider your cooking preferences, the material of the pan, and additional features that align with your culinary goals. With the right square pan in your kitchen arsenal, you’ll be equipped to tackle a diverse array of recipes with precision and flair.



What makes a square pan different from other pans?

The square pan’s unique shape provides more surface area for cooking, making it ideal for recipes that benefit from even heat distribution. Its corners also make it easier to pour liquids without d

Can I use a square pan for baking and roasting?

Yes, square pans are versatile and suitable for both baking and roasting. They are commonly used for brownies, casseroles, and sheet cakes. Some square pans come with lids, allowing them to function as baking dishes for certain recipes.

What materials are common for square pans, and which is the best?

Square pans are available in various materials, including stainless steel, non-stick coated, and cast iron. The best material depends on your cooking preferences; non-stick pans are convenient, while cast iron offers durability and excellent heat retention.

How do I clean and maintain a square pan?

Cleaning methods depend on the pan’s material. Non-stick pans are often easy to clean with mild soap and water, while cast iron pans may require seasoning. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance.

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