What is Pork Floss?

Pork Floss or you can say dried Pork; I know it’s a bit weird for the unfamiliar. It’s Pork that has been cooked in sweet soy to make it tender and soft. After that, it is shredded and dried to make it dry and fluffy. You can call it to pork cotton candy, however much tastier than that. It is also called Pork sung or Rou Song, a versatile topping that can be sprinkled on or filled in anything. 

Taste of Pork Floss

Pork Floss is an ingredient that provides some threadlike feel that melts in the mouth with a unique set of flavors. It’s rich in taste with the taste of carnitas-like stewed red meat and chock-full of meaty umami. But, as its name shows, it acts like candy floss, or a super fragile mousse, dissolving with the mere touch of moisture, releasing all that intense, focused meatiness in your mouth.

Formosa Brand Pork Sung, 18 Oz

Category Ballarini Parma Forged Aluminum Nonstick Cookware Set, 10- Piece, Granite
MaterialAluminum with granite nonstick coating
Color Gray
Total Pieces10 Pc
Product Dimensions21.5 x 9.6 x 12.5 inches
Item Weight15.1 pounds
Country of ManufactureItaly
Price $249.95

Formosa Pork sung pork floss, Rousong is dry, shredded pork. Commonly, this red meat floss or beef fu is used for topping congee, garnishing for savory pastries, or as an addition to rice porridge. Rufus is thicker and extra textured than Rousong, or Pork sang, which led to different uses in the two shredded beef. Every so often referred to as Chinese cotton candy, this meat floss has a texture much like coarse cotton and tastes like soy saucy sweetened, salty red meat. One might also even think about it as shredded beef jerky.

Distinguishable by way of the crimson or blue labels, Formosa pork floss is a popular staple in many Asian households as a condiment and a topping. The product is manufacture in the USA contained 0.63 Kilograms of Pork sung. 

Add it in your congee or porridge, rice balls, eggs, or pastries; the possibilities are countless!

*Ingredients: Pork, Sugar, Soy Flour, Soy Sauce( water, wheat, soybeans, salt)

Uses of Pork Floss

Uses of Pork Floss

Pork Floss Sandwich 

Pork floss sandwich, tremendously clean Asian snacks of dense white Asian bread slathered gently with butter, and beef floss becomes the formative year’s breakfast recollections of many Taiwanese. Crispy bread with fluffy red meat floss needs to make you tough to forestall ingesting!

  •  First, Take a milk bread in a square loaf. You can find it easily in any Asian bakery . Compared to our usual sandwich bread, Milk bread is more moist and it’s chewier. 
  • Take some Persian cucumbers. Cut off the ends and cut them onto long strips. You can set those aside for now. 
  • Next, heat some oil in the pan and fry an egg, spread the yoke around evenly, shape the egg to go to it the sandwich, flip the egg when going to and crispy, add some salt, and set this aside now.
  • At this point, our bread should be nice and warm and just a little bit toasty; spring to our favorite peanut butter on the first slice of toast, making sure to cover the entire surface and similarly cover with mayonnaise. 
  • On another piece of toast. Lay the cucumber strips evenly across the buttered peanut toast and Put the egg on that. 
  • Now, spread the minced pork on the mayonnaise buttered peanut.
  • Spread it around evenly so that it sticks to the mayonnaise and you should be able to flip it over onto the egg. 
  • And here it is, a Taiwanese-style breakfast sandwich. 

Look at those colorful layers. One of the signatures of Taiwanese cuisine Taiwanese-style satisfying chewing experience, and that’s precisely what you’re getting with this sandwich. 

Pork Floss Spring Rolls 

Prepare the ingredients: Pork floss, Lumpia Wrapper, Eggs.

Make sure to get the fresh Lumpia wrapper.


  • Separate the lumpia wrapper from each other.
  • Cut the lumpia wrapper into a square shape using scissors.
  • Prepare all the ingredients and make them ready to fill.
  • Place one lumpia wrapper on a flat surface.
  • Add some pork floss to it.
  • Flatten the pork floss.
  • Wrap and fold the sides of the wrapper. 
  • Wrap tightly until the end.
  • Secure the end with an egg by brushing the sticky egg on the sides.
  • Repeat the whole process with each wrapper, depends on how many spring rolls you needed.


  • Add oil to the pot and heat it.
  • Add the spring rolls one by one. 
  • Fry each side for 2-3 minutes or until it turns golden brown. 
  • Gradually check the spring rolls.
  • Turn the spring roll and continue to fry the other side.
  • Once cooked, drain the excess oil.
  • Serve it with spicy sauce or whatever taste you like. 

Enjoy the crispiness of the Pork Floss Spring Rolls. 

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Types of Pork Floss

Pork floss comes in two basic varieties: pork sung and pork fu.
Pork and beef are cooked in soy sauce and sugar till collagen is broken down, and then the meat is pounded until the fibers separate and dried in a steam oven; however, the fu is not as fibrous as the sung. Pork fu has a tougher texture than beef sung.


Most commonly, it is served as a mixture of rice porridge. Alternatively, it’s baked into buns (simple and combined with mayonnaise), rolled in Cheung a laugh (giant flat rice noodles), rolled in sushi rice, or just mixed with hot rice. You can also use it in non-Chinese dishes, such as spaghetti and meat sauce.

Have fun with your pork floss and eat it with various kinds of food!

I am pleased to hear that my article on pork floss has been helpful to you!

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