In cooking, Le Creuset Doufeu is a famous pot with a lid that curves inward, which encourages condensation by filling it with ice. The word “Doufeu” derives from the French language and means “gentle heat.”

If we talk about the vintage Dutch oven, a three legs pot made of cast iron has concave lids and a heavy handle. Those legs were used to lift the stove off the coal bed. The cover and raised edge around it were designed to hold more coals on top so that food could be cooked both from below and from above at the same time for Le Creuset Doufeu. 

Le Creuset is a famous brand dedicated to making superior French cookware. Started in the year 1970 in France, this company brings the new range of Dutch oven by giving some modifications. For instance, they eliminated the legs of the antique Dutch oven; the lid changed from concave to convex, and the single bail handle was replaced by opposing exterior handles. 


Name Instant Noodle Pot
Pot bottom materialSingle Bottom
Applicable stoveGeneral
Specifications14cm, 16cm, 18cm, 20cm, golden chopsticks,
golden main dinner fork, golden soup
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Shape and Design 


The handles are slightly different from other regular Dutch ovens of le Creuset. Compared with other cookware brands such a Lodge, the lodge handles are flat and larger than le Creuset Doufeu. You can only put three fingers through the handles of Le Creuset Doufeu, while you can comfortably put the four-finger through the lodge.

The lids of Le Creuset Doufeau has its handles, as it helps to move the ice cubes quickly. Overall, the grip of the handles is good as required.


When you bought le Creuset Doufeu, you will have a kind of plastic knob on the lid. The good thing about this, it will remain cold even out just right out of the oven, or you can say much harder than the rest of the dish. But you do have a metal knob right out of the box, and you need not pay the additional cost for that.


The Le Creuset Doufeu have a very distinct type of lid style. It has a nice tan interior to match the pot’s interior, and you’re going to know it’s just a smooth dome. It is a very lightweight lid. So out of all the Dutch ovens locker, say the lightest, and that lid helps out with that. It has a unique lid in a depressed shape instead of this dome shape that allows ice and water to be stored there. So it will adjust the temperature of the lid. And you’re going to notice little bumps inside the lid, and these little bumps are actually to help condensation drip back down onto your food.


The base of le Creuset Doufeu has smooth finishing. During cooking, the heat got quickly diffused due to smoothness. The base is suitable for every type of heat sources such as gas, electric solid plate or radiant ring, vitro-ceramic glass, induction, and ovens fired by gas, oil, coal, or wood. The glass-like enamel cooking surface is highly food safe. It doesn’t stain or absorb moisture, flavors, or odors. It also makes cleaning of dish easier.

How to clean? 

For mild stains 

After cooking, wait until the cookware is cool enough to handle. 

Le Creuset Doufeu dishwasher is safe, but hand washing has proven to be better. Use soap, water, soap, and a soft sponge to clean it. Wash thoroughly with warm water and wipe dry it with a clean cloth.   

For tough stains

For tough stains, you can use Le Creuset enameled cast iron cookware cleaner. Wash thoroughly with warm water and wipe dry. Apply the same on the with a wet sponge, rub gently to remove stuck stains and food.

How Le Creuset Work? 

You can use the Le Creuset Doufeu similar to any spherical or oval oven, but it has introduced performance benefits for slow cooking. As moisture starts to evaporate inside the Le Creuset Doufeu, the ice-stuffed lid causes this moisture to condense. Specifically designed dimples at the flat interior of the top then direct the moisture go into reverse onto the food. This self-basting effect minimizes the want to feature extra water and ensures that food stays wet, vitamins are not lost, and flavors accentuate. Even after melting ice, the self-basting manner continues to characteristic, as long as water within the lid remains beneath the boiling point.

Manufacturing Process 

Le Creuset Doufeu, the beautifully enameled cast iron cookware, is sold in more than 60 countries worldwide. It allows you to cook like a French chef and look great doing it. You can consider that each product will be touched by 30 people from the more significant and break to the finished item in its box. It starts with their secret blend of metals, a mixture of pure and recycled iron, then transferred to the furnace using a giant magnet. Finally, the metal pieces go into these cauldrons, where there are heated to a temperature of nearly 1500 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, they prepare the sand molds for casting. Each mold is made individually inside a block of compressed sand for Le Creuset Doufeu. Then the molds are loaded onto a conveyor and filled with red hot liquid metal freshly out of their molds. The cast-iron pieces are agitated, loosening the sand that’s stuck to them. Then the surfaces smoothed out at every step along the way. Next, there’s an inspection if these pots aren’t up to scratch now. After that, it’s back to the melting pot. The freshly cast pieces are inserted through a machine that blasts them with grit that makes the surface is porous to receive the enamel. The first layer is a primer that also prevents rusting. Then, a coat of enamel is applied using spray guns. The pots are ignited at temperatures approaching 800°C. Once they’re baked, they receive one more coat of colored enamel and to have colors. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Large, heavy pot, perfect for slow cooking food.
  • Cast Iron with an enamel finish, giving a glass-like exterior that distributed heat perfectly.
  • Convex shape lid that can be filled with ice cubes creates condensation in the pot.
  • Suitable on every type of heat source.
  • It makes nutrients and flavors stay in food.
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The price is relatively high
  • Weighty to lift, even without food.

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As a manufacturer of cookware, Le Creuset has become an industry leader. An expert in casting and an expert in enameling established the company. It’s no wonder the company has dedicated itself to producing enameled cast iron cookware in rich, vibrant colors since 1925.

 Multipurpose cookware is what Le Creuset Doufeu offers. There are almost no limitations to what you can prepare in it. There are many options, such as roasting chicken, making a fondue, baking a cake or making a soup. If you want your food to stay moist or flavorful, this is the best option for you. 

When you are looking to purchase Doufeau, you should opt for this option. 


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