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Kamikoto Knives Review: 6 Famous Knives With A Professional Look!

Knives are made by Japanese with very high quality and named them kamikoto knives review. Japanese made this kamikoto knife from ancient times. This company’s knives, made of sturdy blades with outstanding sharpness, are finished with a minimalistic handle for a professional appearance. The brand has been featured in numerous influential publications, including Business Wire, PR Newswire, Screen Rant, Conde Nast Traveler, etc. In addition, it has been credited with introducing the western world to a bit of traditional Japanese culture. A page decked out in dark shadows and highlighted by gleams of shiny steel has approximately 80k followers on Instagram, and the brand is well-known in the community.


This Kamikoto Knives Review will take a look at the brand, its bestsellers, customer reviews, offers, FAQs, and other information to assist you in making your decision on whether or not they’re the appropriate choice for your kitchen needs.

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Kamikoto Knives Review:

Japan is a country with rich cultural origins and a wealth of knowledge in the art of knife and sword-making to its credit.

They set out to produce the first collection of Kamikoto knives to make them worthy of the brand’s illustrious history. In addition, the goal was to create a product that their Japanese-speaking families and friends would like and rely on in their home kitchens.


You’ll understand why these powerful products look and function the way they do if you look at the 19-step blade-making process that Kamikoto employs.

The possible associated blade has been lovingly and precisely handcrafted. Additionally, each item is inspected three times before being shipped from the plant following manufacture. Kamikoto blades are forged using old techniques from steel supplied from Japan’s Honshu Island, which is used to create the edges.

The knives are honed with a mirrored vanity paired with a traditional Japanese feel. The mirror mirrored vanity is subjected to startlingly high temperatures to harden the blade and reduce its flexibility.


The company’s headquarters, manufacturing facility, and forged facility are all located in Japan, although some of its knives are sent to China for sharpening and further production. Our Kamikoto Knife review offers a comprehensive breakdown of its advantages and disadvantages, so you can better understand what the brand has to offer.


  • A large selection of knife sets and single knives, as well as a 19-step manufacturing process, are available.
  • Many Michelin-starred chefs are fans of this product.
  • Several consumers have stated that they are the best blades they have ever purchased. In addition, there are now impressive savings available.
  • Ships to any country in the world.
  • Warranty for the rest of your life
  • The return policy is valid for 60 days.
  • The single bevel blade is very sharp because of its single edge.
  • Japanese steel is long-lasting and resistant to corrosion.
  • This product provides excellent value for money.


  • Some customers complain that the brand’s knives are of poor quality, do not keep an edge, or are dull or defective when they purchase them.
  • The simplicity yet strong nature of Kamikoto’s knives is reflected in the company’s minimalist look. The contrast between the gleaming blades and the plain black handles demonstrates that they are here for a reason: to do their jobs.
  • Continuing with this Kamikoto knife review, we’ll take you on a tour of the company’s extensive collection before introducing you to its most popular blade.
  • Noobs should stay away from this knife.
  • There are no various bolster styles to choose from.
  • The “full-price” advertised on the Kamikoto website is an excessive markup. However, you can always acquire these knives for less money “on-sale” at a Walmart or Amazon store if you don’t mind waiting a little longer.

Kamikoto Knives Review

Several generations of techniques have been passed down to make the company’s knives.


The Kamikoto Knives Reviews in this section highlight some of the brand’s best-selling sets, from those specifically designed for meat slicing to those with expansive collections that will help you succeed no matter what you’re doing.

  1. Kamikoto Knife Set Review

Kamikoto Steak Knives Set

  • Blade Material – Alloy Steel
  • Brand – Kamikoto
  • Handle Material – Ash Wood
  • Blade Length – 5 Inches
  • Construction Type – Forged

The Kamikoto Knife Set, which includes a trio of prep and from-scratch culinary essentials, will help you stay on schedule in the kitchen when preparing meals.


The Japanese steel used to manufacture the razor-sharp single-bevel Kata-ha blades is dependable and delivers quality and performance. This set has three blades, which are as follows:

  • 5″ Utility Knife
  • 7″ Nakiri Knife
  • 8.5″ Slicing Knife

Take advantage of this deal and get a Kamikoto Knife Set for $197 (regularly $272), and you’ll be prepared for anything.

  2. Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set Review 

Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set Review 

  • Brand – Kamikoto
  • Handle Material – Wood
  • Construction Type – Forged
  • Item Weight – 3.97 Pounds
  • Blade Color – Silver

This package will take you through the entire preparation procedure from beginning to end. Beginning with the 7″ Nakiri vegetable knife, you will notice the well-balanced weight in your hand as you effortlessly glide through cutting jobs.


Improve your cooking skills by using the 8.5″ Slicing Knife to slice through meat and fish with ease, then use the 5″ Utility knife to handle fine precision work such as trimming artichokes or cutting cucumbers.

You may purchase one of these three-blade sets and receive a second one free during a limited period.

With a total value of $2,590, you can acquire both sets for an unbelievable $272, which works out to just $136 for each set.


3. Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set Review 

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Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set Review 

  • Blade Material: Alloy Steel
  • Brand: Kamikoto
  • Color: Silver, Black
  • Handle Material: Wood,Steel
  • Blade Edge: Plain

The Kensei Knife Set combines two high-performance knives to accelerate you through precise kitchen tasks like filleting, boning, and refined vegetable slicing.

This package contains the 5″ Boning Knife, a lightweight and easy-to-handle blade ideal for tackling complex duties in the kitchen. In addition to the well-balanced 9.5″ Kiritsuke Knife, which can handle more significant tasks.


Both items are packaged in a gorgeous ash wood box for safekeeping. For $213, you can get this versatile Kamikoto Kensei kit.

4. Kamikoto Kuro Series Knife Set Review 

Kamikoto Kuro Series Knife Set

  • Blade Material: Zirconium dioxide
  • Brand: Kamikoto
  • Color: Black
  • Blade Edge: Plain
  • Item Weight: 1.95 Kilograms

The Kuro Series Knife Set is a must-have for every home cook who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. It includes an array of three stunning blades that will help you excel in various kitchen tasks. Their matte black finish assures that they will look magnificent while exhibited in your kitchen, as well as wherever else. In addition, you will receive the following items:

  • 7″ Santoku
  • 6.5″ Nakiri
  • 5″ Utility Knives

This basic set is a lovely assortment suitable for beginning and seasoned chefs. Zirconium dioxide is used to manufacture the Kuro series blades, resulting in the most challenging tool that the company has ever produced.

This Kamikoto Japanese knife set, a favorite among chefs, is only $258 (it would typically cost $500).

5. Kamikoto Steak Knives Review 

Kamikoto Steak Knives

  • Color: Nature Wood
  • Material: Wood
  • Brand: T.J Koch
  • Item Weight: 0.82 Pounds
  • Is Dishwasher Safe: No

The quality of our dinner is influenced by both the ingredients we use and the equipment we employ. With their non-serrated edge, these Steak Knives allow the texture of the meat to remain intact and the juices to stay within the flesh itself.


The steak knives are sharpened to an 11-degree angle and highly polished with a shining black handle, appropriate for any dinner table. A handcrafted wooden box will hold the four knives you’ll receive as part of your purchase. For $249, you can have this meal-enhancing package.

 6. Kamikoto 13-inch Yanagiba Review

Kamikoto 13-inch Yanagiba

  • Blade Material – Alloy Steel
  • Brand – Kamikoto
  • Handle Material – Ash Wood
  • Blade Edge – Plain
  • Blade Length – 13 Inches

When you’re ready to see your beautifully crafted, 13-inch single-bevel Yanagiba blade, open the handcrafted ash wood box you’ve been waiting for. One look at this knife, made of Japanese Honshu steel that has been heated to over 3092°F, tells you that it is something extraordinary, something formed from a long history of tradition.


Even though the blade is fantastic on its own, it is now packaged with a set of four double-bevel Ryoba blade steak knives. These knives are so sharp that they do not require serration, and they cut through tough and soft meat like champions.

This set, packaged in its wooden box, makes a lovely gift for oneself or a loved one of any age. The cost of this special offer is $238 (a $766 value).


Kamikoto Knives Review: What Customers Think About Kamikoto Knives

These kamikoto knives are superb, but we want to share the customer’s check for confirmation. 

On Amazon, the Kamikoto knife set got 4.5/5 stars from 179 customers. The average maximum number of people rate it as five stars. In other words, approximately 93% of shopkeepers give it a 5-star rating. However, few Amazon customers found these Kamikoto knives of poor quality. This is because they are not satisfied with the material of kamikoto blades. But, most customers who like kamikoto knives are more than customers who don’t. 


According to Johnny’s Kitchen review, the kamikoto knives are the most popular set of knives people select for their kitchen. He also wrote about the handling of kamikoto knives that these knives are reliable to use. Moreover, he also noted that these handles are smooth and easy to use over the blade. 

The price is affordable for customers, as well as it has fantastic quality. on Trustpilot, kamikoto knives have 4.6/5 ratting. The reviews are pretty good; just 7% of customers responded severely. If we talk about the complaints, they are less, but often about the blades. According to an unknown customer, he receives kamikoto knives, which do not have straight edges; they are curved. However, he received an apology from the brand and offered to replace it. 


Given that every Kamikoto blade is thoroughly examined three times, it’s a wonder that blunders like the one that was just made get past the checks. Of course, we are willing to extend forgiveness to any company that makes mistakes from time to time, but we do not want to be deceived as customers.

Bottom line 

Kmaikoto knives are traditional Japanese knives. Many people swear about their quality. However, for home use, a set of 2-3 knives is a bit expensive. Nevertheless, it is worth the price. Many people think they are the best knives to use if you are a beginner cook. If you invest the time in learning how to use this new edge style, you will benefit from a set of knives that have unsurpassed sharpness and cutting power as explained in this Kamikoto Knives Review.



What makes Kamikoto knives stand out among other brands?

Kamikoto knives are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, utilizing high-quality materials like Japanese steel and traditional forging methods. Their professional appearance coupled with precise performance sets them apart in the culinary world.

Are these knives suitable for professional chefs or more geared towards home cooks?

Kamikoto knives cater to both professionals and home cooks. With a range of knives designed for various skill levels, they offer options for those seeking high-performance tools regardless of their expertise in the kitchen.

What are the standout features of Kamikoto knives that make them professional-looking?

The knives from Kamikoto boast a sleek, minimalist design with a focus on functionality. The blade’s precision, balanced weight, and elegant aesthetic give them a professional and sophisticated appearance.

How do these knives perform in terms of sharpness and durability?

Known for their exceptional sharpness, Kamikoto knives undergo a rigorous process to ensure an incredibly sharp edge. Additionally, the quality materials used in their construction contribute to their durability, offering long-lasting performance.

Can Kamikoto knives handle specific culinary tasks or are they multipurpose?

Kamikoto offers a variety of knives suited for different culinary tasks. From versatile chef’s knives to specialized blades for slicing, dicing, or even delicate tasks like filleting, their collection covers a broad spectrum of cooking needs, making them adaptable to various kitchen tasks.

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