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7 Easy Steps To Straighten Curly Hair And Mistakes To Avoid

Rinse Your Hair With A Gentle Shampoo

Protecting Your Curls

Curly hair demands special care, starting with the choice of shampoo. We delve into the importance of using a gentle shampoo and a nourishing deep conditioner to shield your hair from damage and combat frizz.


Detangle Your Knotty And Tangled Hair

Untangling the Mystery

Curly hair tends to lose moisture, leading to dryness, tangling, and untidiness. Learn why a wide-toothed comb is your best ally in detangling your curly locks before embarking on the straightening journey.


Prepare Your Locks For Straightening

Setting the Stage

Proper preparation is the key to successful straightening. Before reaching for the blow dryer, discover essential steps to ensure your moist curly strands are ready for the transformation.


Use A Blow Dryer

Mastering the Art of Drying

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Blow-drying thick, curly hair can be time-consuming but is crucial for the straightening process. Uncover tips on using a blow dryer and a round bristle brush, coupled with the wisdom of dividing your hair into manageable sections.


Grab Your Hair Straightener

Navigating the Heat

Choosing the right heat level for your straightener is paramount. Learn how to handle a hair straightener effectively, picking up small portions of hair and securing the rest with clips for a controlled straightening experience.


Use The Chase Method

Perfecting the Straight Look

If your straightener falls short of providing poker straight locks, the chasing method comes to the rescue. Understand how this technique can elevate your straightening game and give you the results you desire.


Spritz On Some Hairspray

Finishing Touches

For those craving a fuller look, we introduce the magic of volumizing spray applied to the roots before each straightening session. Unveil the secrets of finishing touches with a small quantity of hair serum or spray for that polished, sleek finish.

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