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The 8 Unhealthiest Cuts Of Steak

Ribeye: A Marbled Indulgence

Ribeye, with its rich marbling, is a delight for steak enthusiasts worldwide. The marbling, while enhancing flavor, poses a health risk, making it a choice that requires moderation.


New York Strip: The Fat-Capped Delight

The New York Strip steak, cherished for its substantial fat cap, brings an extra layer of flavor. However, the high-fat content demands careful consideration for those mindful of their health.


Porterhouse: A Feast for Meat Lovers

A true feast for meat lovers, the Porterhouse steak combines the tenderness of tenderloin with a generous portion of top loin. This indulgence, while heavenly in taste, comes with a calorie and fat count that can impact health.


Prime Rib: A Buffet Staple

Entering an American buffet often means encountering the aromatic prime rib, generously marbled and cloaked in fat. While a buffet delight, it’s crucial to recognize its impact on health.

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Brisket: Rising Culinary Star

Once considered a less popular cut due to its affordability, beef brisket has risen in culinary appeal. Frequent appearances in celebratory feasts and barbecues underscore its newfound popularity.


Short Ribs: Marbling in Active Muscles

Short ribs, originating from the chuck and closer to the cow’s belly, boast marbling despite being sourced from active muscle areas. This unique quality makes them juicy and favored by meat connoisseurs.


Filet Mignon: Extraordinary Softness

The filet mignon, hailing from the tenderloin, offers extraordinary tenderness. While a delicacy, its lack of marbling may contribute to its leanness.


Chuck Eye: Budget-Friendly Ribeye Alternative

Positioned as a cost-effective alternative to ribeye, chuck eye steak comes from the shoulder’s fifth rib. Despite being marketed as budget-friendly, it shares some characteristics with its pricier counterpart.

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