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These Are 9 of the Least Intelligent Cat Breeds

American Shorthair: Independent but Observant

Disregarding Commands but Excellent Observers

The American Shorthair, despite being trainable to some extent, is known for often ignoring commands. However, their keen observational skills make them excellent hunters of household pests.


Birman: The Temple Cat with a Mythical Origin

An Ancient Breed with a Mystical Legend

Originating from Burma, Birmans have a mystical origin as temple cats. According to legend, a priest’s soul would reincarnate as a Birman after passing away, adding an aura of mystery to this cat breed.


British Shorthair: Lounging Companions

Preferring Lounging Over Play

The British Shorthair, a cross between the American Shorthair and Persian, tends to spend more time lounging around than engaging in playful activities. Explore the origins of this relaxed and laid-back cat breed.


Exotic Shorthair: Stubborn Personalities

Stubbornness Paired with Kindness

Comparable to Persians, Exotic Shorthairs possess stubborn personalities. Despite this, they are known for their kindness and serenity, preferring the company of a group rather than a single caretaker.


Himalayan: Hunters and Problem Solvers

Intelligent Problem Solvers

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Himalayan cats showcase exceptional hunting and problem-solving skills. While they may occasionally disobey orders, their overall intelligence shines through, especially in creating environments that deter rodents.


Serengeti: Explorers with Semi-Willing Obedience

A Crossbreed with a Love for Exploration

Developed in California in 1994, Serengeti cats are a crossbreed of Bengal and Oriental Shorthair. Their love for exploring and semi-willing obedience makes them intriguing companions for those who appreciate their adventurous spirit.


Munchkin: Distinctive Genetic Mutation

A Unique Cat with Short Legs

Munchkins are recognized for their distinctive genetic mutation, resulting in a medium-sized physique and short legs. Originating from a genetic anomaly, Munchkins captivate with their unique appearance.


Persian: Infamous Attitude and Training Challenges

Charming, Yet Challenging to Train

Persian cats, renowned for their charming appearance, present a challenge in training due to their stubborn nature. The infamous Persian attitude contributes to the difficulty in molding their behavior.


Ragdoll: Affectionate and Large

Gentle Giants with Affectionate Nature

Crossing Persian and Birman cats, Ragdolls earn their name by becoming limp when held. Despite their large and fluffy appearance, they are known for their affectionate nature, making them delightful companions.

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