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7 Underrated Cities In Arizona That Aren’t Sedona, But Are Still Full Of Beautiful Hikes

Arizona is renowned for its stunning landscapes and incredible hiking opportunities, with Sedona often stealing the spotlight. However, beyond Sedona, there are numerous underrated cities in Arizona that offer equally breathtaking hikes. Here are seven cities worth exploring for their scenic beauty and fantastic hiking trails.

1. Flagstaff

Flagstaff is a charming mountain town known for its outdoor recreational opportunities. Home to the San Francisco Peaks, including Humphreys Peak, the highest point in Arizona, Flagstaff offers a variety of hiking trails for all skill levels. Explore the trails around Mount Elden for stunning views of the surrounding area, or venture to the Lava River Cave for a unique underground hiking experience.


2. Prescott

Prescott, often referred to as “Everybody’s Hometown,” is a picturesque city surrounded by pine forests and stunning rock formations. The area is home to the Granite Dells, a unique geological feature perfect for hiking and rock climbing. Trails like the Peavine National Recreation Trail offer scenic views of Watson Lake and the surrounding area, making Prescott a must-visit destination for hikers.


3. Payson

Situated in the heart of Arizona’s Rim Country, Payson is a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts. The town is surrounded by the Tonto National Forest, offering a wide range of hiking trails amidst stunning natural beauty. Check out the Horton Creek Trail for a scenic hike along a picturesque creek, or explore the rugged terrain of the Mazatzal Wilderness for a challenging adventure.


4. Bisbee

Nestled in the Mule Mountains of southeastern Arizona, Bisbee is a historic mining town with a vibrant arts scene and plenty of hiking opportunities. The Lavender Pit Mine Overlook Trail provides panoramic views of the open-pit copper mine, while the Mule Mountains Trail offers a more challenging trek through the rugged terrain of the area.

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5. Jerome

Perched on the side of Cleopatra Hill overlooking the Verde Valley, Jerome is a quirky town with a rich mining history and stunning views. The town offers several hiking trails that showcase its unique landscape, including the Jerome State Park Trails, which offer sweeping views of the valley below.


6. Globe

Located in central Arizona, Globe is a historic mining town surrounded by rugged mountains and desert landscapes. The area offers a variety of hiking trails, including the Pinal Mountains, which boast a network of trails that wind through pine forests and offer panoramic views of the surrounding area.


7. Kingman

Situated in northwest Arizona, Kingman is a gateway to the Grand Canyon and other natural wonders. The area offers several hiking opportunities, including the Hualapai Mountains, which feature scenic trails that wind through dense forests of ponderosa pine and aspen trees.

While Sedona may steal the spotlight, these seven underrated cities in Arizona offer equally stunning hiking opportunities. Whether you’re looking for scenic views, challenging terrain, or a unique outdoor experience, these cities have something for every hiker to enjoy. So, pack your hiking boots and explore the beauty of Arizona beyond Sedona.

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