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Unveiling Amazon’s Interior Design Treasures: 7 Designer-Approved Picks You Need

1. Amazon, the Hidden Gem for Interior Designers

Exploring Amazon’s Bounty: Discover the unexpected treasures interior designers find on the world’s largest online marketplace.
Designer Perspectives: Peek into the shopping carts of renowned designers and explore their go-to Amazon picks.
Creating Homes with Character: How these unique finds contribute to creating distinctive and character-filled living spaces.


2. Christina Nielsen’s Last-Minute Elegance

Vintage Oil Lamps: Nielsen’s secret for instant ambiance with timeless, vintage flair.
Citrus for Decor: Unravel the mystery behind citrus as a decor element for oversized Moroccan textile fruit bowls.
Amazon’s Decorative Accents: How last-minute touches can transform a space, all with a click on Amazon.


3. Lisa Henderson’s Literary Touch

Coffee Table Books: Henderson’s love for unique, out-of-print books that breathe life into living spaces.
Cookbook Chronicles: The culinary journey through cookbooks as a form of home storytelling.
Amazon’s Hidden Gems: Unearth rare literary finds and elevate your home’s narrative with Henderson’s Amazon favorites.


4. Avery Frank’s Design Essentials

Office Marvels: Frank’s reliance on Amazon for office essentials that seamlessly blend functionality with style.
Organization Elegance: How Amazon becomes a haven for organizational products that redefine spaces.
Client Gifts: Discover the world of high-end paper goods sourced from Amazon, perfect for impressing clients.

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5. Mikel Welch’s Global Influences

Fair-Trade Artisanal Beads: Welch’s recommendation for infusing global charm into design collections.
Handwoven Rugs: Explore the world of handwoven rugs from Amazon, catering to diverse design tastes.
Curation with Amazon: How the platform becomes a curator’s dream, bringing together global influences effortlessly.


6. Marie Flanigan’s Aesthetic Enhancements

Nest Diffusers: Flanigan’s small but impactful finds on Amazon for enhancing overall home aesthetics.
Favorite Candles: Dive into the world of Amazon for sourcing favorite candles that set the mood.
Velvet Hangers: The underrated yet essential Amazon discovery for a touch of luxury in closets.


7. Emily Spanos’ Artisanal Connect

Amazon Handmade Adventures: Spanos’ journey through Amazon Handmade for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.
Master Artisan Connections: Connect with global artisans through the platform, supporting local makers.
Platform Appreciation: How Amazon becomes a bridge between designers and skilled artisans worldwide.


8. Mike l Welch’s Rug Revelation

Naturally Softened Fibers: Welch’s love for handwoven rugs with naturally softened fibers from Amazon.
Diverse Design Appeal: The versatility of Amazon finds, catering to diverse design preferences.
Welch’s Top Picks: Highlighting the designer’s favorites and why these rugs stand out in the market.

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