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These Are The World’s Most Magical Waterways

Water has an incredible way of shaping the world, and some places are blessed with magical waterways that capture the imagination. In this journey, we explore the enchanting canals that wind through different corners of the globe, from the iconic canals of Amsterdam to the historic Canal du Midi in France.

1. Amsterdam’s Grachtengordel: A Maze of Beauty

The Grachtengordel in Amsterdam, Netherlands, stands as an iconic masterpiece with its 165 canals. Uncover the magic of this sprawling maze that weaves through the heart of the city, contributing to Amsterdam’s unique charm.


2. Rideau Canal, Ontario: North America’s Waterway Gem

Discover the historic Rideau Canal in Ontario, Canada, the oldest continuously operated canal system in North America. Explore the picturesque journey this canal offers, winding its way through Canada’s capital, Ottawa.


3. Corinth Canal: A Greek Waterway Marvel

In the charming Corinth, Greece, lies the Corinth Canal, a tiny yet significant waterway linking the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf. Delve into the allure of this Greek marvel that slices through the Isthmus of Corinth.

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4. Giethoorn Canals: Netherlands’ Hidden Water Haven

Escape to the remote Dutch village of Giethoorn, nestled near Overijssel’s Weerribben-Wieden National Park. Celebrated for its heavenly waterways, Giethoorn unveils a picturesque scene that feels like something out of a dream.


5. Llangollen Canal: Bridging England and Wales

Journey along the breathtaking Llangollen Canal, a waterway that gracefully traverses the border between England and Wales. Connect with the history and beauty of this canal, linking the Welsh town of Llangollen with Hurleston in Cheshire.


6. Dubai Water Canal: Modern Elegance in the Desert

Witness the fusion of modernity and elegance as we explore Dubai’s Water Canal, cutting through the city’s Old Quarter. Opened in 2016, this two-mile-long waterway adds a touch of luxury to the bustling metropolis.


7. Canal du Midi, France: A Timeless French Beauty

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Canal du Midi in southern France. Crafted by engineer Pierre-Paul Riquet in the mid-17th century, this French waterway exudes unparalleled charm and historical significance.

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