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8 Foods That Were Staples for Our Grandparents But Not for Us

Hogshead Cheese

In the realm of unique dishes, hogshead cheese takes center stage. Crafted from the head, feet, and sometimes even the heart of a pig, this concoction forms a spicy jelly, presenting a flavor profile that challenges the preferences of today’s palates.


Cod Liver Oil

Once a ubiquitous supplement in many households, cod liver oil has an intriguing history. Contrast it with its contemporary counterpart – fish oil supplements in convenient capsule form, sparing us the memories of the notorious tablespoon of oil.


Lard Sandwiches

In times gone by, a simple supper involved a slice of bread generously spread with grease. Explore the peculiar notion of consuming a lard sandwich and how the abundance of healthier fat options has rendered this practice obsolete.


Pickled Pigs Feet

A byproduct of pork processing, pigs’ feet were often pickled and jarred for later use. While some regional American cuisines still relish this delicacy, it has largely vanished from mainstream eating habits, deemed too odd by today’s standards.

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Jellied Eels

With roots primarily in British cuisine, jellied eels once made appearances on American dinner tables. Delve into the preparation involving cooking eel meat in a stock that solidifies into a jelly-like state, a concept that modern Americans find less than appealing.


Head Cheese

Resembling a chilled meatloaf, head cheese, sometimes seasoned and spiced with vegetables, may not be what its name suggests. Uncover this intriguing dish and why most modern diners would approach it with caution.


Suet Pudding

Suet, a firm animal fat, was a staple in steamed or boiled puddings. Explore the unique flavor character of these rich pastries and why their heaviness may not align with the preferences of contemporary consumers.


Tongue Sandwiches

Once a common source of protein, sheep or cow tongue, sliced and cooked, adorned sandwiches with horseradish or mustard. Trace the decline in popularity of this protein source, now rarely found on contemporary menus except in niche restaurants.

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