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7 Prettiest Ways to Get a Pixie Bob with a Side Part

Chic Pixie Bob with Side Sweep for a Sophisticated Style

Timeless Elegance

The Chic Pixie Bob with a Side Sweep is a timeless choice that effortlessly exudes sophistication. The classic pixie bob structure is enhanced by a gentle side part, adding a touch of grace to the overall look. The sleek, swept-over bangs contribute to the polished and refined appearance, making it a go-to style for any occasion.


Edgy Angled Pixie Bob for Women Over 40

Making a Statement

For women who want to make a statement, the Edgy Angled Pixie Bob is the way to go. The angled cut not only adds definition and edge but also modernizes the overall appearance. Perfect for women over 40, this pixie bob variation blends boldness with maturity, creating a distinctive and eye-catching style.


Soft Layered Pixie Bob for Women Over 50

Stylish and Flattering

The Soft Layered Pixie Bob is designed for women over 50 who seek a look that is both stylish and flattering. The soft layers introduce volume and movement, complementing the side part that adds a gentle touch to facial features. This variation proves that age is just a number when it comes to rocking a pixie bob with grace.


Elegant Asymmetrical Pixie Bob for Business Professionals

Professional Charm

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Business professionals looking for a hairstyle that balances professionalism with style will find solace in the Elegant Asymmetrical Pixie Bob. The asymmetry adds a modern twist, making it suitable for both corporate settings and social events. This pixie bob variation ensures that you radiate elegance in every professional endeavor.


Cute and Easy Pixie Bob with Side Bangs

Low-Maintenance Sweetness

The Cute and Easy Pixie Bob is a go-to for women desiring a low-maintenance yet adorable style. The addition of side bangs brings a touch of sweetness, elevating the overall charm. Ideal for those who want to keep things simple without compromising on style, this pixie bob variation proves that simplicity can be the ultimate sophistication.


Textured Pixie Bob with a Deep Side Part

Stylish Drama

Step into the realm of stylish drama with the Textured Pixie Bob. The deep side part introduces a level of sophistication, while the texture adds volume and interest. This pixie bob variation is perfect for those who want to make a bold statement, showcasing a look that is both edgy and fashion-forward.


Short and Messy Pixie Bob with a Side Part

Effortless Cool

For those who crave a carefree and effortless vibe, the Short and Messy Pixie Bob is the answer. The messy texture adds personality to the style, while the side part keeps the look cool and edgy. This pixie bob variation is perfect for embracing an easygoing yet chic aesthetic.

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