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The 7 Summer Dress Trends You ll Be Seeing In 2024

Draped Dresses

Grecian-inspired Elegance Takes Center Stage

Dive into the world of draped dresses that have flooded recent runways. Designers like Jason Wu, Ferragamo, and Tove have embraced Grecian-inspired draping, bringing an air of sophistication to the summer wardrobe.


Effortless Silhouettes

Embracing ‘Quiet Luxury’ in Classic Styles

This year’s trend revolves around ‘quiet luxury.’ Explore how fashion enthusiasts are investing in classic wide-leg pants, boxy jackets, and crisp white t-shirts, creating effortlessly stylish silhouettes.


Mini Shift Styles

Short and Sweet: The Mini-Shift Dress Trend

Discover the easiest look to style for the entire summer – the mini-shift dress. Dive into the world of short and sweet fashion that keeps you cool and fashionable throughout the season.


One-Shoulder Silhouettes

The Intersection of Style and Elegance

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Explore the rising popularity of one-shoulder dresses adorned with drapes. This trend speaks to the intersectional character of style, blending elegance and modern aesthetics.


’90s Style Slips

Timeless Elegance with Classic Silk Slips

Witness the return of classic silk fashions, particularly the ’90s style slips. Uncover how these timeless pieces make a statement every summer, offering essential and adaptable qualities.


Modern Utility

Functional Fashion Makes a Comeback

The utility trend is back, making summer dresses not only stylish but also functional. From dresses to coats, experience the return of modern utility in the world of fashion.



Handcrafted Elegance with the La Lune Dress

Explore the craftsmanship of the La Lune Dress, a crochet flagship that takes seven days to handcraft. Immerse yourself in the slow-fashion artistry that combines timeless charm with contemporary elegance.

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