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8 Gorgeous Ways to Style an Updo with Bangs

Blunt Bob with Bangs

The Timeless Elegance of a Blunt Bob

The blunt bob with bangs stands as a testament to timeless elegance in the realm of hairstyles. This classic cut, characterized by its straight-across ends, complements various face shapes, making it a popular choice for those seeking sophistication and simplicity. Discover why the blunt bob with bangs remains an enduring favorite among women of all ages.


Hairstyle with a Scarf

Effortless Chic with a Stylish Accessory

Elevate your updo with bangs by incorporating a stylish accessory – the scarf. This simple addition transforms your look, adding flair and charm, perfect for both casual and more formal occasions. Explore the ease and versatility of this hairstyle, especially ideal for those laid-back days when you want to enhance your appearance with minimal effort.


Curly Lob with Bangs

Effortless Glamour with a Curly Long Bob

For those willing to embrace a bit of risk, the curly lob with bangs offers a stunning and effortless appearance. This longer bob, adorned with curls, brings a touch of glamour and playfulness to your overall style. Dive into the world of curly lobs and discover how this hairstyle can redefine your look with minimal effort.


Retro Half-Up

Vintage Flair with a Modern Twist

Spice up a basic cut by incorporating a retro-inspired half-up updo with bangs. This hairstyle seamlessly combines vintage flair with a modern touch, offering a unique and eye-catching appearance. Learn how to infuse a bit of nostalgia into your everyday style with this captivating retro half-up look.

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Middle Part with Bangs

Boho-Chic Vibes with Wavy Hair

For a boho-chic style, consider pairing a middle part with wavy hair and bangs. This combination creates a laid-back and trendy appearance, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of the unconventional. Uncover the charm of this boho-chic style and how it effortlessly enhances your overall look.


Long Layer Cut with Bangs

Textured Beauty with Shaggy Bangs

Explore the perfect blend of shaggy bangs and long layers in this captivating updo with bangs. The long layer cut adds texture and movement to your hair, creating a dynamic and visually appealing look. Delve into the details of this hairstyle and discover why it’s a go-to choice for those seeking textured beauty.


High Pony with Bangs

A Unique Twist on the Classic High Ponytail

Give the classic high ponytail a modern twist by framing your face with bangs. This unique updo adds a contemporary touch to a familiar hairstyle, providing a fresh and stylish appearance. Learn how to effortlessly incorporate bangs into a high ponytail and redefine this timeless look.


Long Pixie Cut with Bangs

Bold and Versatile Pixie Beauty

Step into the realm of boldness with a longer pixie cut featuring bangs. This versatile haircut offers plenty of styling options, allowing you to express your personality with confidence. Explore the allure of a long pixie cut and understand why it continues to captivate those seeking a bold and stylish statement.

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