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8 Things Designers Say to Keep Out of Your Living Room

Embarking on the journey of interior design for your living room is an exciting venture, but certain pitfalls can hinder the creation of a harmonious and stylish space. Designers often highlight key aspects to avoid, ensuring a balance between functionality and aesthetics. In this guide, we’ll delve into the realm of interior design and unveil the eight things designers advise keeping out of your living room. By steering clear of these common missteps, you can cultivate a living space that reflects your personality and provides both comfort and visual appeal.


8 Things Designers Say to Keep Out of Your Living Room

1. Oversized Furniture:

Designers advise against incorporating oversized furniture into your living room, emphasizing the potential to overwhelm the space and disrupt its overall balance. Opting for appropriately scaled furniture that aligns with the room’s proportions is key. Thoughtfully chosen pieces contribute to a harmonious layout, fostering a comfortable and visually pleasing environment for relaxation and socializing. By maintaining a balance in the size of your furniture, you ensure that each element complements the overall design without dominating the space.


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2. Excessive Decor Clutter:

One common pitfall to avoid is overcrowding your living room with excessive decor. Designers champion a curated approach, urging homeowners to select meaningful and well-placed decor items. This not only prevents visual clutter but also allows individual pieces to stand out and contribute to the overall aesthetic. Embracing a less-is-more philosophy ensures that each decor element serves a purpose, enhancing the room’s ambiance while maintaining a clean and sophisticated appearance.


3. Poorly Positioned Furniture:

Designers stress the significance of strategic furniture placement to maintain the flow of your living room. Misplacing furniture can disrupt the natural movement and conversation within the space. Emphasizing the creation of inviting conversation areas, designers recommend arranging seating thoughtfully. A well-positioned furniture arrangement fosters a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring both functionality and visual appeal are optimized for family and guests.

4. Harsh Lighting Choices:

Selecting harsh or inadequate lighting can negatively impact the ambiance of your living room. Designers advocate for a layered lighting approach, incorporating ambient, task, and accent lighting. This not only provides versatility but also adds depth and warmth to the room. Steering clear of overly bright or dim lighting contributes to the creation of a well-lit and inviting living space, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

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5. Uncoordinated Color Schemes:

Designers caution against choosing uncoordinated color schemes for your living room, as this can disrupt the overall visual harmony. Harmonizing your color palette is crucial for creating a cohesive and aesthetically appealing atmosphere. Considering the room’s theme and selecting colors that complement each other is essential. Thoughtful color choices contribute to a balanced and visually pleasing living room that reflects your desired style.

6. Overemphasis on Trends:

While incorporating trends can be enticing, designers advise against an overemphasis on trendy elements in your living room. Recognizing that trends come and go, designers encourage integrating them sparingly through decor and accessories. This approach allows your living room’s foundational elements to remain timeless and adaptable to evolving tastes, ensuring a design that endures beyond fleeting trends.


7. Impulsive Furniture Arrangement:

Avoiding the impulse to arrange furniture without a clear plan is crucial, according to designers. Thoughtful furniture arrangement, considering traffic flow and the room’s focal points, is essential for a well-designed living room. Taking the time to plan your layout ensures that each piece serves a purpose, contributing to both the functionality and aesthetics of the living room.

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8. Neglecting Personal Touches:

While adhering to design principles is crucial, designers urge against neglecting personal touches in your living room. Infusing your personality into the space through meaningful decor, cherished items, and personal artifacts creates a balance between a curated design and a living space that feels uniquely yours. This approach fosters a sense of comfort and connection within your living room, making it a reflection of your individual style and preferences.



As you curate the perfect living room ambiance, remember the sage advice from designers to keep these eight things at bay. Striking a balance between form and function, your living space can be a haven of style and comfort. By heeding these tips, you empower yourself to transform your living room into a cohesive and visually pleasing retreat that aligns with your unique taste. Let your design choices echo your personality while avoiding these common pitfalls for a living room that radiates both beauty and functionality.



Should I overcrowd my living room with too much furniture and decor?

No, it’s advisable to avoid overcrowding your living room. Opt for a balanced arrangement that allows for comfortable movement and promotes a visually appealing, spacious feel.

Designers advise against overly bold and clashing colors. Opt for a cohesive color palette that complements your overall design, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

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