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8 Most Underrated Islands in Mexico: Hidden Gems Waiting to Be Explored

Mexico, known for its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes, is home to some hidden gems among its many islands. These lesser-known paradises offer a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and tranquility. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the 8 most underrated islands in Mexico.

1. Isla Holbox: A Car-Free Oasis

Caribbean Charm: Situated off Quintana Roo, Isla Holbox is a car-free haven embraced by pristine beaches and lush mangrove forests, providing a laid-back atmosphere.

Access Tip: Reachable by an ADO bus or ferry from Chiquilá, making it an accessible retreat away from the bustling mainland.


2. Espiritu Santo: UNESCO Wilderness in Baja California Sur

Natural Heritage: Off Baja California Sur’s coast, Espiritu Santo, a UNESCO World Heritage island, boasts white-sand beaches and diverse outdoor adventures.

Exclusive Entry: Accessible solely through licensed tour operators from La Paz, ensuring an untouched and preserved environment.


3. Mexcaltitán: Mexico’s Venice in Nayarit

Man-Made Marvel: Nestled in Nayarit, Mexcaltitán is known as “Mexico’s Venice,” where boats navigate through canals, preserving unique customs and limited hotels.

Getting There: Accessible from San Blas, embark on a boat ride to explore this cultural gem.


4. Isla Mujeres: Tranquility Near Cancun’s Bustle

Serenity Defined: Located near Cancun, Isla Mujeres is a tranquil escape famous for sun-bleached beaches and resorts.

Easy Access: Regular ferries from Cancun make it a convenient yet blissful retreat.

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5. Janitzio: Cultural Marvel in Michoacán

Day of the Dead Vibes: Set in Michoacán’s Lake Pátzcuaro, Janitzio is famous for its Day of the Dead celebrations and an iconic statue.

Water Journey: Reach this cultural haven by a boat ride from Pátzcuaro, immersing yourself in the local traditions.


6. Islas Marietas: Marine Wonders Near Puerto Vallarta

Hidden Treasures: Off Puerto Vallarta’s coast, Islas Marietas are renowned for their marine life and a hidden beach.

No Hotels, No Problem: Explore through boat tours from various locations, ensuring the preservation of this pristine environment.


7. Isla Contoy: Protected Paradise Near Cancun

Caribbean Elegance: Isla Contoy, a protected island near Cancun, boasts white sands, palm trees, and limited daily visitors.

Access Note: Accessible only through licensed boat tours, maintaining the ecological balance of this Caribbean coast paradise.


8. Islas Marías: From Prison to UNESCO Reserve

Historical Transformation: Formerly a prison, Islas Marías is now a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve off Nayarit’s coast, rich in history and natural wonders.

Exclusive Entry: Accessible through licensed tour operators, with Puerto Balleto serving as the main town on this intriguing archipelago.

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