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The Top 7 Most Likely Places to Encounter Bobcats in the United States

Encountering a bobcat in the United States is a unique and thrilling experience for wildlife enthusiasts. These elusive creatures have adapted to diverse habitats across the country. Here are the top seven most likely places to encounter bobcats in the United States:

1. California: The Golden State’s Stealthy Residents

With an estimated population ranging from 70,000 to 100,000, California is a prime location to spot bobcats. Covered habitats like chaparral, sagebrush, and thick brush areas provide ideal conditions for these feline predators.


2. Texas: A Haven for Bobcats

Bobcats thrive throughout the expansive state of Texas, with an estimated population of up to 200,000. The brush country of south Texas is particularly notable, boasting one bobcat per less than one square mile in the southern regions.


3. North Carolina: Bobcats in the Tar Heel State

North Carolina is home to over 125,000 bobcats, favoring wooded areas of the Coastal Plain region and mountains. While they can be found across the state, they are most commonly spotted in bottomland hardwoods and swamps.

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4. Colorado: Increasing Encounters Amid Habitat Loss

Despite having a lower estimated bobcat population, encounters are on the rise in Colorado due to habitat loss. Juniper woodlands and snowy landscapes are favored by bobcats, making the state an increasingly likely location for sightings.


5. Georgia: Woodlands and Agriculture

In Georgia, mixed forests and agricultural areas with wooded growth are prime locations for encountering bobcats. These elusive creatures tend to avoid areas with high human activity and are not known to pose a threat to people.


6. Oregon: Western Wilderness

Bobcats are common in Oregon, particularly in the western part of the state. While encounters are less frequent, they may be spotted near forests, especially during the dusk, evening, and dawn hours.


7. Arizona: Adaptable Desert Dwellers

Bobcats have adapted to various habitats in Arizona, including the Sonoran desert, chaparral areas, and the outskirts of urban areas. Sightings are common in suburban homes, but bobcats rarely pose any trouble if proper precautions are taken.

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