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8 Mediterranean Diet Snacks to Keep You Healthy and Fueled

Lemony Tahini Stuffed Dates

Kicking off our Mediterranean snack journey is the delightful combination of Lemony Tahini Stuffed Dates. Perfect as a pre-workout energy boost, tahini, derived from powdered sesame seeds, offers a rich source of calcium and phosphorus. These minerals play a crucial role in maintaining strong and healthy bones, aligning perfectly with the Mediterranean emphasis on holistic well-being.


Grape Crostini

The Grape Crostini brings together the goodness of red grapes and the flavorsome za’atar spice blend. Red grapes contain resveratrol, a phytochemical known for potential anti-cancer effects. Paired with za’atar, a staple in Mediterranean cuisine made from toasted sesame seeds, this snack not only tantalizes the taste buds but also introduces beneficial compounds into your diet.


Sardine Salad Crackers

Next on our list is the Sardine Salad Crackers – a small but mighty snack rich in vitamin D, protein, and healthy fats. According to a 2023 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, incorporating whole grains into your diet aligns seamlessly with Mediterranean principles. These crackers provide a savory and nutritious option that contributes to your daily nutrient intake.


Sweet Savory Snack Mix

For those craving a crunchy and satisfying snack, the Sweet Savory Snack Mix adheres to Mediterranean diet guidelines. Packed with healthy fats, antioxidant-rich fruits, and essential fiber and protein, this gourmet trail mix is not just a treat for your taste buds but also a smart choice for curbing hunger the Mediterranean way.

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Mini Caprese Skewers

A simple yet high-protein snack, Mini Caprese Skewers capture the essence of a traditional Italian caprese salad. Featuring fresh mozzarella, these skewers offer a lighter cheese option with more moisture and fewer calories, staying true to the Mediterranean approach of enjoying quality ingredients in moderation.


Artichoke Hummus

No Mediterranean snack spread is complete without the iconic Artichoke Hummus. Beyond being a flavorful dip, hummus is an excellent way to incorporate fiber- and protein-rich legumes into your diet. Studies show that individuals who consume legumes feel less hungry and are less likely to overindulge in desserts, making hummus a smart choice for mindful snacking.


Cherry Cheesecake

Cherry Cheesecake takes a healthier twist in the Mediterranean diet. Walnuts provide essential omega-3 fats, cherries contribute antioxidants called polyphenols that combat inflammation, and rich-tasting ricotta brings in more muscle-building whey protein compared to other types of cheese. This snack not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also nourishes your body with wholesome ingredients.


Figgy Protein Balls

Rounding off our Mediterranean snack exploration is the Figgy Protein Balls. Beyond being a high-energy snack, figs surprise with a significant amount of calcium, promoting bone health. These protein balls are not only a delightful treat but also a convenient snack to prepare ahead of time, ensuring you stay fueled throughout the day.

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