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7 Ways to Maximize Your Stay at Great Wolf Lodge: Dive into the Fun!

Planning a stay at Great Wolf Lodge? Fantastic choice! To ensure you make the most of your time at this family-friendly haven, here are seven invaluable tips to enhance your experience and create lasting memories.

1. Pack Light, Enjoy More

A suitcase’s capacity is limited! Prioritize essentials, as Great Wolf Lodge has you covered with towels and flotation devices at the water park. Save space, and pack the night before to dive straight into the fun upon arrival.


2. Pool Bag Essentials

For water park adventures, a well-prepared pool bag is a must. Pack swimwear, sunscreen, and other essentials. This proactive approach allows you to maximize your time in the water without unnecessary delays.


3. Rock Those Wolf Ears

Get ready to howl with delight! Wolf ears, provided at check-in, add a playful touch to your lodge experience. Kids especially love these themed headbands, making for adorable moments captured by your camera.

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4. Breakfast at the Lodge

Start your day right with a hearty breakfast at the lodge. Dining on-site not only saves time but also provides a wonderful opportunity to bond with family. Consider purchasing a meal plan in advance for added savings.


5. Paw Pass Perks

Enhance your experience with a Paw Pass, offering discounts on top attractions and delights. Gain access to MagiQuest, the Candy Shop, arcade, mini-golf, mining experience, and more—all bundled for additional enjoyment.


6. Elevate Your Stay with Room Upgrades

Add charm to your stay with an upgraded room. Explore kid-themed suites, large premium suites, or those with a Northwoods motif for extra space and a touch of luxury.


7. Dive into the Waterpark Fun

Make a splash with your entire family at the award-winning water park. Maintaining a comfortable 84-degree temperature year-round, Great Wolf Lodge offers an array of rides, slides, and attractions for all ages.

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