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7 Epic destinations for horse lovers

Are you a passionate horse lover seeking new adventures? Look no further! From the graceful Lipizzaner in Vienna to the resilient Icelandic Horse in Iceland, this blog takes you on a journey to seven epic destinations where your love for horses can be combined with breathtaking landscapes and unique riding experiences.

1. Vienna, Austria: The Elegance of Lipizzaner

Austria’s capital, Vienna, is a haven for horse enthusiasts. Home to the Spanish Riding School, the city showcases the elegance of the Lipizzaner, a breed with roots dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Witness their grace and skill in performances that capture the centuries-old artistry of classical dressage.


2. South Iceland: Riding with Icelandic Horses

Discover the unique charm of the Icelandic Horse, a national treasure celebrated for its resilience. The south of Iceland offers the perfect backdrop for horseback riding experiences, allowing you to explore diverse terrains, from volcanic landscapes to lush meadows.


3. Camargue, France: Coastal Beauty with Camargue Horses

For a picturesque equestrian adventure, head to Camargue in southern France. This coastal region is home to the Camargue horse breed, and riding through its scenic landscapes, including marshes and salt flats, provides an unforgettable connection with these local horses.

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4. Fjords of Norway: Natural Beauty on Norwegian Fjord Horses

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Norway’s west with the Norwegian Fjord Horse. Langedrag Nature Park offers trail rides, allowing you to appreciate the stunning fjords and mountainous landscapes from the back of these gentle and sure-footed horses.


5. Zeeland, the Netherlands: European Beach Bliss

Escape to Zeeland, a hidden gem among European beach destinations. Along the Atlantic Coast in the Netherlands, this province offers serene beach rides, providing a unique blend of coastal beauty and the joy of horseback exploration.


6. Essaouira, Morocco: Riding Along Morocco’s Premier Beach Escape

Known as Morocco’s premier beach escape, Essaouira offers a distinctive riding experience along the ocean, through lush forests, and over majestic dunes. Connect with Arabian horses as you traverse this enchanting coastal city.


7. Cairo, Egypt: Pyramid Wonders Away from the Crowds

Experience the wonders of the pyramids in Cairo in a way few get to witness. Take a riding tour offered by barns outside the city, providing a unique perspective on this iconic site away from the crowds. Feel the ancient history come alive as you explore the landscape on horseback.

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