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7 Vaulted Ceiling Ideas For A Striking Space

Contrast Colors

Visual Drama with Contrasting Colors

One effective way to make a statement with your vaulted ceiling is by playing with contrasting colors. Consider pairing a white wooden vaulted ceiling with dark brown exposed beams, creating a striking visual contrast. This technique adds depth and character, as demonstrated in a Lake Burton bedroom.


Take Advantage of Nature’s Views

Showcasing Nature’s Beauty

High vaulted ceilings provide a unique opportunity to connect indoor spaces with nature’s beauty. Imagine an outdoor dining pavilion in Cedar Creek, where expansive views of trees and lakes become an integral part of the interior. Use vaulted ceilings to frame these breathtaking views and make them a focal point.


Mix Shades of White

Subtle Elegance with Varied Whites

Experimenting with different shades of white can bring subtle elegance to your space. Try using a brighter white on the vaulted ceiling against more cream-colored walls. This interplay of whites creates a sophisticated and harmonious atmosphere, exemplified in a bedroom from the 2023 Southern Living Idea House.


Make Windows For Room

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Integration

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Vaulted ceilings can be a powerful tool to seamlessly integrate indoor spaces with the surrounding environment. By incorporating large windows and neutral palettes, you can emphasize stunning views. Imagine a living room where the boundaries blur, inviting nature inside and making it an integral part of your home.


Go For Color

Bold Statements with Vibrant Hues

Dare to be bold by introducing vibrant colors to your vaulted ceilings. A soft blue ceiling in a kitchen, as seen in the Texas Escondido Idea House, can transform the space, creating a cohesive and elongated ambiance. This daring choice adds personality and energy to your home.


Mix Woods

Rustic Charm with Varied Wood Tones

For those seeking rustic charm, consider mixing different wood colors and types on your vaulted ceiling. Dark wood exposed beams against a wooden ceiling, as showcased in a farmhouse-style living room, add warmth and character. This blend of wood tones creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


Add a Long Light Fixture

Elevating Ambiance with Statement Lighting

Take advantage of the vertical space offered by high vaulted ceilings to introduce statement light fixtures. A large, ornate lighting piece in a living room becomes more than just illumination—it becomes a centerpiece, enhancing the room’s ambiance and overall aesthetic.

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