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7 Outdated Hairstyles That Will Become Old by 2024

Intense Balayage

From Parisian Chic to Outdated Trend

Intense balayage, born in the chic streets of Paris in the 1970s, experienced a revival a decade ago. However, as we step into 2024, this once-beloved trend is fading, making room for new, subtle color techniques.


Extra-long Extensions

Outdated Glam: Extensions Take a Back Seat

While extra-long extensions had their moment, daily wear is no longer in vogue. Reserved for special occasions, these extensions are stepping aside to embrace a more natural and effortless look in 2024.


High-Maintenance Color

Simplifying Beauty: Low-Maintenance Colors Prevail

2024 signals a departure from high-maintenance hair colors. The trend is leaning towards simplicity, allowing individuals to enjoy excellent color without the need for frequent salon visits.


Blunt Cuts

Bigger is Better: The Rise of Voluminous Hair

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Hairstylists predict a shift in philosophy for 2024, with the ‘bigger is better’ mantra gaining momentum. Voluminous hair, as seen on runways, takes precedence over the once-popular blunt cuts.


The Rachel

A Nostalgic Icon Steps Back

“The Rachel,” made famous by Jennifer Aniston, was an iconic hairstyle that stood the test of time. However, in 2024, its allure has waned, making room for more modern and versatile looks.



1980s Flashback: The Decline of Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Once sported by hockey players and embraced for its party-in-the-back charm, the mullet is now an outdated relic of the 1980s, with its popularity diminishing.


Cherry Cola Color

Lifestyle Evolution: Impact on Hair Color Trends

As we approach 2024, lifestyle choices play a crucial role in defining hair color trends. The cherry cola color, once a statement, gives way to new perspectives as lifestyles take on new significance.

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