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A detailed description of the 5 Best Wineries In Minnesota is provided in the article. Minnesota is known for its many lakes, which makes it a great fishing destination, but there are also many other things you can do while you’re there. If you are planning holidays and thinking of visiting Minnesota, If you are planning a holiday trip to Minnesota, you will be surprised to learn that the state has some fantastic wineries you can visit. With over 70 wineries in the state, the number of wineries in the state has grown significantly over the past few decades. Unless you live in Minnesota, you cannot access all the places, and if you travel here, you cannot visit all the wineries, so here I will list the 5 best wineries in Minnesota!


Best Wineries In Minnesota

Carlos Creek Winery 

The Carlos Creek Winery in Alexandria, Minnesota, has provided some of the best wine in Minnesota and various fun experiences since 1999. The Winery spans 160 acres of the lake area, also Minnesota’s first federally approved viticulture area. The wine list at Carlos Creek includes whites, reds, desserts, fruits, and more.

Enjoy exciting events, live music, festivals, and so much more at this Winery in Minnesota Lake Country. At Carlos Creek, you can also schedule events or have your dream wedding; it will surely be a day you will never forget. 


At Winery, you can enjoy various activities, such as walking the property or ordering their signature Hot Dish Red, an unoaked, unaged red with sweet notes of blackberries and spice.

Carlos Creek has a brewery, a winery, a pizza place, and Jack’s Public House, an outdoor bar. When you visit the Winery, you can purchase wine flights, wine by the glass, or a bottle of wine to-go. 

Their most important event is the Grape Stomp Festival, which happens every September. At the event, teams will crush 10,000 grapes with their feet and enjoy live music and plenty of food.


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Alexis Bailly Vineyard 

Alexander Bailly Vineyard is Minnesota’s oldest operating winery, founded in 1973 with a pioneering spirit to produce wines from grapes grown in Minnesota. There are many dessert wines produced at the Vineyard, as well as smooth and complex red wines. Nevertheless, the place is not all about wines, but its beauty also draws you in. Furthermore, there are many places in the Vineyard where you can go for a picnic. 


If you happen to stroll through their sculpture garden or play bocce ball on their courts, don’t forget to sample their signature wine, Voyageur (voted the best wine in Minnesota by Minnesota Monthly in November 2012).

Although the tasting room is temporarily closed, all outdoor seating areas are available for you to enjoy the wine and visit. In addition, you are welcome to bring your pets to the property. The Vineyard hosts Jazz in the Vineyard every Sunday afternoon from May through August, rain or shine.


 WineHaven Winery 

One of the first vineyards in Chisago County was WineHaven, which opened in 1995 and was the county’s first estate winery. 

Winehaven’s family-owned Vineyard has been handed down from generation to generation and has perfected the art of growing grapes you’ll only find at Winehaven. Consequently, it would help to try some of the wines made from these exclusive and unique grapes while fresh off the vines. 

It is located in Chisago City, Minnesota, with views of lakes, a picturesque hillside vineyard, and rows of romantic oak wine barrels that make it one of the most elegant wedding venues in the area. The property is located at the scenic entrance to the Chisago Lakes Area, 45 minutes from Minneapolis and minutes from beautiful hotels and restaurants.


Any couple’s dream wedding would be perfect at this rustic-chic venue. In addition, there are several events that the Winery hosts throughout the year, including pairings of cheese and chocolate and its wines.

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From their honeybee hives, they make different kinds of honey that have been made with experience and perfection for over 40 years. 

Saint Croix Vineyard

Established in 1992, Saint Croix Vineyards is a family-owned winery. The Winery is now one of Minnesota’s premier wineries, winning numerous national and international wine competitions.


If you’re not familiar with Cheese and Chocolate Weekend, Red, White & Sangria, and Wine Meet Art Festival, then you’re not in the right place. 

Visit St. Croix Vineyards to learn about those events and much more. Located in the most beautiful Vineyard you’ve ever seen, Saint Croix Vineyards was founded in 1992. 

The team won several prestigious awards and international championships, including the 2015 International Cold Climate Competition. 

A picnic lunch can also be brought in and enjoyed in the rustic surroundings and picturesque vineyards. 


Don’t miss out on this beautiful season by booking your wine tour event right away. Don’t forget to stop by on Saturdays in August for live music and a great time.

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Schram Vineyards Winery

Schram Vineyards, Winery & Brewery is located in Waconia, Minnesota. You will enjoy the scenic view while enjoying some of the best-handcrafted wine and beer from the outdoor seating area.

We invite you to start your Sunday with a Vine and Wine tasting or a yoga class in the Vineyard followed by a delicious happy hour cocktail. 


Alternatively, you can play some bocce ball while enjoying a delicious beer or wine. You could even host a private event on-premises for a truly memorable experience.

Schram Wine and Beer Club members have exclusive access to the newest recipes and enjoy the great experience of belonging to the Schram family.  

Their commitment to quality and excellence in their wine production has led to them being voted “Best Winery” for four years running. 


The US wine industry is booming, hitting $39 billion in 2016. But who would have thought that one of the stars in this growth is Minnesota? There are actually over 120 wineries in Minnesota, with more being built every year. Many of these wineries are turning their grapes into wines that are winning national and international awards. The wine industry has brought life back to many dying farmlands in Minnesota, which is why it’s known as “The Land of 10,000 Wineries” today. I hope you enjoyed my article about the 5 Best Wineries In Minnesota. If you have been to any of them, please tell me about your experience at wineries in minnesota.



What grape varieties are commonly grown in Minnesota?

Cold-hardy grape varieties are popular in Minnesota due to the state’s colder climate. Varieties like Marquette, La Crescent, Frontenac, and La Crosse are commonly grown.

Are there notable wine regions in Minnesota?

Yes, Minnesota has several wine regions, with the most prominent being the Upper Mississippi Valley and the Alexandria Lakes area.

Do Minnesota wineries offer tours and tastings?

Yes, many wineries in Minnesota offer tours of their vineyards and facilities, as well as tastings of their wines. It’s advisable to check with each winery for specific tour and tasting information.

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