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WWE Wrestlers Who Have a Soft Spot for Dogs – Step into the ring of compassion as we unveil the softer side of your favorite WWE superstars. In the world of high-flying action and intense rivalries, these 10 WWE wrestlers prove that behind the tough exterior lies a heart that beats for our four-legged friends.


From dog rescues to heartwarming stories, join us on a journey through the canine-loving side of the squared circle. Discover the unexpected bond between these wrestling icons and their furry companions, showcasing a unique blend of strength, resilience, and genuine love for man’s best friend.

10 WWE Wrestlers Who Have a Soft Spot for Dogs

John Cena:

John Cena, the face of WWE for years, is not just known for his incredible strength in the ring but also for his soft spot for dogs. He has been an advocate for animal welfare, particularly dogs, actively supporting organizations like the ASPCA. Cena often shares heartwarming moments on social media with his own French Bulldog, Larry Steve, showcasing the strong bond they share. His commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership and supporting animal shelters makes him a true champion for dogs both inside and outside the squared circle.


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Roman Reigns:

The Big Dog of WWE, Roman Reigns, has a genuine love for his furry friends. Reigns frequently posts pictures and videos on social media, giving fans a glimpse into his life with his dogs. His German Shepherds, Thor and Yammer, are not just pets but integral parts of his family. Reigns advocates for the adoption of rescue dogs, emphasizing the importance of providing loving homes to animals in need. This powerhouse in the ring is undoubtedly a softie when it comes to his canine companions.


Sasha Banks:

“The Boss” Sasha Banks is not only a trailblazer in the women’s division but also a passionate advocate for dogs. Banks, along with her husband and fellow WWE superstar Mikaze, is a proud pet parent to two French Bulldogs, Ryu and Cheddar. She frequently shares adorable moments of their antics on social media, showcasing a side of her personality that resonates with fans who appreciate both her toughness in the ring and her compassion for animals outside of it.


Daniel Bryan:

Daniel Bryan, known for his eco-friendly initiatives, extends his compassion to animals, particularly dogs. A vocal supporter of adopting pets from shelters, Bryan and his wife, Brie Bella, have been involved in various charitable efforts for animal welfare. Their family, including their daughter Birdie, shares their home with Josie and Winston, two rescue dogs. Bryan’s dedication to sustainable living aligns with his love for dogs, creating a holistic approach to making the world a better place for all creatures.


Becky Lynch:

The “Man” Becky Lynch is not just fierce in the ring; she also has a heart for dogs. Lynch, along with her partner, fellow WWE superstar Seth Rollins, shares her home with two adorable dogs, Kevin and Dallas. Their social media posts often feature the canine duo, capturing moments of joy and companionship. Lynch’s love for dogs extends beyond her personal life, as she actively supports animal rescue organizations, advocating for the well-being of dogs in need.


The Miz:

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, known for his charisma and mic skills, is also a dog lover. Along with his wife, Maryse, The Miz is a proud pet parent to two dogs, Pumpkin and Mocha. The family often shares glimpses of their life with these furry friends on social media, revealing the softer side of this WWE power couple. The Miz’s love for dogs goes hand in hand with his family-oriented persona, emphasizing the importance of pets as cherished members of the household.

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Natalya Neidhart, a third-generation wrestler, has a heart for animals, particularly dogs. As an ambassador for the Calgary Humane Society, Natalya actively supports various initiatives for animal welfare. She often shares pictures and stories of her own dogs, 2Pawz and Louis, showcasing the joy and love they bring into her life. Natalya’s commitment to using her platform to advocate for dogs and promote responsible pet ownership aligns with her compassionate and caring persona both inside and outside the ring.


Randy Orton:

Known for his “RKO outta nowhere” and a tough exterior in the ring, Randy Orton has a softer side when it comes to dogs. Orton, along with his wife, Kim, is a proud pet parent to two French Bulldogs, Spike and Viper. Despite his intense on-screen persona, Orton frequently shares endearing moments with his dogs on social media, revealing a more relaxed and affectionate aspect of his personality. This juxtaposition of toughness and tenderness makes Orton a unique figure in the WWE dog-loving community.



Former SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley brings her trademark energy and enthusiasm to her love for dogs. Bayley, along with her fiance, fellow wrestler Aaron Solow, is a proud pet parent to a French Bulldog named Flex. Her social media is filled with adorable snapshots of their life together, showcasing the joy and laughter that Flex brings into their home. Bayley’s genuine love for dogs aligns with her positive and charismatic on-screen persona, creating a connection with fans who share a similar passion for furry companions.


Drew McIntyre:

The Scottish Warrior, Drew McIntyre, known for his dominance in the ring, is also a compassionate advocate for dogs. McIntyre, along with his wife, Kaitlyn, shares their home with a rescue dog named Whiskey. McIntyre often uses his platform to promote pet adoption and responsible ownership, encouraging fans to consider giving a loving home to dogs in need. The juxtaposition of McIntyre’s fierce on-screen character with his caring approach to dogs showcases the multifaceted nature of this WWE superstar.


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In a realm known for powerhouse performances, witnessing WWE stars express their love for dogs adds a heartwarming layer to their personas. Beyond the roar of the crowd and the slam of the mat, these athletes showcase a softer, more compassionate side.

As we close the chapter on this canine-inspired wrestling saga, it’s clear that these superstars not only dominate the ring but also win the hearts of fans by embracing the joy and loyalty that dogs bring into their lives.



How do WWE wrestlers balance their hectic schedules with caring for dogs?

WWE wrestlers often have a support system in place, including family, friends, or even fellow wrestlers who assist in caring for their dogs during busy times. Some also rely on professional pet services to ensure their canine companions receive the attention and care they deserve.

Are there any charitable initiatives or causes supported by these dog-loving wrestlers?

Absolutely! Many WWE wrestlers actively participate in or support animal welfare organizations and rescue efforts. They use their platform to raise awareness and funds for dog-related charities, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of both animals and their human fans.

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