Dive In: 10 Cat Breeds That Love Water and Swimming

Cats and water – two things that are often considered as distant as night and day. However, there are certain feline breeds that defy the stereotype and have an unexplainable affinity for water. In this article, we’ll introduce you to ten cat breeds that not only tolerate water but actually enjoy swimming and water-related activities.

1. Turkish Van: The Aquatic Artist


The Turkish Van holds a special place among water-loving cat breeds. With its strikingly beautiful water-resistant coat and natural curiosity, this breed is often found splashing about in ponds or investigating bathroom sinks. They might just be the Michaelangelos of the cat world, creating their own watery masterpieces.

2. Maine Coon: The Gentle Giants of the Water Bowl


Known for their large size and friendly demeanor, Maine Coons might surprise you with their love for water. While they might not take laps in the pool, they often display an endearing habit of dipping their majestic paws into their water dish and playfully flicking droplets around.

3. Bengal: The Wild Splashers


The Bengal breed exhibits an uncanny resemblance to its wild ancestors, and this includes their fascination with water. With their stunning coat patterns reminiscent of leopards, Bengals often enjoy splashing around in shallow water and might just turn your bath into an adventure.

4. Savannah: The Water Explorer


Originating from the serval lineage, the Savannah breed inherits a love for water from its wild predecessors. While they might not go for a full swim, they’re likely to be intrigued by dripping faucets and fascinated by water activities.

5. Abyssinian: The Surprising Splasher


While Abyssinians might not be renowned swimmers, some individuals of this breed have shown a curious interest in water. Don’t be surprised if your Abyssinian companion decides to join you in the shower or investigates water streams with a playful spirit.

6. Norwegian Forest Cat: The Water-Repellent Explorer


Originating from cold climates, the Norwegian Forest Cat has a dense, water-repellent coat that makes them more resilient to moisture. They might not dive headfirst into a pool, but they might curiously watch droplets fall and might be more comfortable around water than other breeds.

7. Japanese Bobtail: The Inquisitive Investigator


The Japanese Bobtail has a reputation for being inquisitive and intelligent, and this includes their approach to water. While not all cats of this breed are swimmers, some might enjoy interactive water play, whether it’s pawing at water toys or investigating fountains.

8. Turkish Angora: The Elegant Swimmer


Known for their elegance and social nature, Turkish Angoras have been observed taking a dip in pools or even swimming in shallow waters. Their adventurous spirit and water-loving tendencies might just lead them to become your very own aquatic entertainer.

9. American Shorthair: The Selective Splasher


While not all American Shorthairs are fans of water, some individuals of this versatile breed have shown a liking for water play. Their preferences might vary widely, but those who enjoy water might engage in gentle splashing and curious exploration.

10. Siberian: The Water-Resistant Playmate


With a thick, water-repellent coat, the Siberian breed might just be one of the more surprising water enthusiasts. They might enjoy interactive water play and could be enticed by water-based toys or gently running faucets.

While the majority of cats might raise an eyebrow at the thought of water, these ten breeds defy the norm with their love for aquatic adventures. Whether it’s a playful paw dip or an adventurous swim, these water-loving felines prove that cats are full of delightful surprises.


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