10 uses for a waffle iron besides making waffles

Waffle iron hash browns

It's the perfect vessel for crispy, flavorful hash browns. Simply coat the iron with spray and add your favorite hash brown ingredients, then cook until crisp!

Waffle iron eggs

Delicious eggs that are light and fluffy on the inside but crisp on the outside, whisk some eggs in a bowl, then add milk and your favorite cheese

Waffle iron pizza

If you have pizza dough, cheese and marinara, you can have a delicious waffle iron pizza on your table in about an hour. Simply make a pocket with the dough

Waffle iron quesadillas

Why pay for a quesadilla maker when your waffle iron can do the same job but better? The recipe couldn't be easier — cheese, tortillas, and maybe some peppers or cooked meat

Quick waffle iron baked apples

In terms of work-to-reward ratio, this might be the most perfect recipe on the list. Just slice some apples into about 1/4'' slices, and then, if you want

Waffled sandwiches

Panini presses are old hat. The best way to ensure your hot sandwich has a perfectly toasted, crusty exterior is to toast it in your waffle iron.

Lazy waffle fries

Will It Waffle is a great resource for folks looking for inventive ways to use their waffle irons, and while the site features many more complex recipes, this one is comically simple.

Waffled queso frito

You'll never go back to normal mozzarella sticks again, we promise. Simply snag some low-moisture mozzarella, coat it in some spiced flour, then dunk it in eggs and breadcrumbs. 

Brownie waffles

If you add an extra egg to your brownie batter and then pour the brownie dough into your waffle iron just as you would with waffle batter

Waffled churros

As an added bonus, the nooks and crannies of waffled churros allow for dulce de leche or chocolate sauces to pool, giving you more flavor in every bite.

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