Unexpected Toppings Make Nachos Better

Beef bulgogi

Korean and Mexican food — the combination that built the Roy Choi and Kogi BBQ empire in Southern California. It's easier to make than you think at home

Roasted okra

Roasted okra has an earthy taste that goes well with corn tortillas, bright cheese and the tang of salsa. For a foolproof way of getting perfect okra


Fish tacos are loved up and down the coastal areas, as well as using calamari — both sautéed and fried — on nachos.

Jerk chicken

Sure, you go to enough sports bars and you'll see BBQ chicken or buffalo chicken nachos buried on the menu somewhere. But stop messing around with half-measures


ou're halfway to nacho-town at that point. Just a warning, not all poblanos are created of equal heat, so taste a bit before chopping.

Fried avocado

Avocados aren't always in season, and we've found that sometimes the best way to sneak the less-than-stellar ones onto the plate is just with some panko crumbs, flour and an egg wash


You can often find prepared mole in grocery store, but one of the country's premier mole-centric restaurants in Los Angeles, Guelaguetza, will glad you ship you some too


There is something about ropa, the national dish of Cuba, we can't get enough of — no matter if it's made with beef, pork, chicken or even vegetarian with jackfruit. 


Grilled nopales (cactus paddles) are a great way to round out the nachos that have everything. Despite the scary spines, they're easy enough to clean up on your own

Roasted corn

Either fresh from the grill or frozen, roasted corn goes a long way to help nachos be more than just cheese, salsa and chips. 

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