Ugly Side Effects of Eating Potato Chips

blood pressure

No one wants to experience high blood pressure, especially when it can lead to a myriad of health effects like dementia or heart problems

you love to chow down on chips, you have an increased chance of experiencing hypertension, a.k.a. high blood pressure

develop cancer

You might have never guessed that your favorite bag of chips can increase your risk for cancer. According to the American Cancer Association

This comes as terrible news for chip lovers—potato chips contain high levels of this chemical, and they present a very direct avenue

heart disease

You have always heard that processed fatty foods can do some serious damage to your heart, and chips don't pull any punches when it comes to ruining your health.

If you love digging into a bag of chips, you should plan to face the potential side effect of heart disease, thanks to the carcinogenic 

risk of stroke

When it comes to snacking on chips, you have to worry about more than just acrylamides. According to Griffin Health

chips contain loads of cholesterol and if you have a family history of strokes, you need to avoid these snacks next time a craving hits.

risk of infertility

only had to worry about the fat or cholesterol in your bag of chips, think again! Trans fats can do some equally serious damage

according to the National University of Singapore, chips present one of the most immediate ways we consume these dangerous fats on a daily basis

weight gain

It comes as no surprise that chips can cause some major weight gain, considering they contain so many empty calories and are easy to overeat

 chips makes them irresistible to our taste buds, causing us to easily eat way more than we should. Combine the extra fat content


The side effects of eating potato chips don't just do a number on your physical health. By indulging in bags of chips

you put your mental health at risk, all thanks to the addition of high amounts of trans fats increased consumption of trans fats leads to increased chances of depression