weeknight dishes  warmth in apples

 This veggie-and-apple recipe from CookingClassy.com This recipe is season-appropriate using autumn vegetables and pecans

Roasted Vegetables with Apples

On its own squash soup can be a bit bland. But the mix of apples and sage in this hearty soup will leave your tastebuds dancing

Apple Squash Soup

Delightful twist to this cold-weather favorite by adding apple butter prior to grilling the sandwich, or sneak thin slices of apple in between layers of cheese

Grilled Cheese

Apple butter can turn panini night into the best dinner of the week, especially when it's added to this loaded turkey sandwich

Turkey Sandwich

Southern Living has this marriage of warm flatbread and sliced apples filed as an appetizer, but it can just as easily be created into an easy-and-delicious


cabbage slaw a fall-friendly makeover with the addition of sliced apples. A nice hearty side to serve up at dinner time an cool evenings

Apple Slaw

The tart nature of Granny Smith apples really opens up when tossed into a warm winter salad, like this one from MarthaStewart.com

Warm Apple Salad

Apples and cheese together make a great afternoon snack. Layer them together on dough and they make a mean pizza

Apple Pizza

The curry in this creamy apple soup will delight your tastebuds with its flavor profile and keep you warm on those extra autumn nights

Missouri Apple Soup

This seemingly-decadent chicken and apple dinner from Eating Well Magazine is surprisingly listed as both low in calories and gluten-free

Spiced Apples

Pork and apples make a great pair for cold weather meals. Take a stab at putting them together with this easy-to-follow stuffed chops recipe

Stuffed Pork Chops

Cooler weather means busting out the slow-cooker! Add apple cider to your list of ingredients for the tastiest pulled pork this fall.

Cider Pulled Pork

There are many versions of apple-potato hash, and they can be enjoyed during any meal of the day. This recipe from Framed Cooks is easy to replicate 


Apples and beets are tossed together to make a tasty, and crunchy, cold weather salad. Try this version from the Food Network.

Apple Salad