Secret Effects of Eating Cashews

lose weight

Many people wrongly assume that nuts are a no-no when you're trying to shed pounds since they're a calorie-dense, high-fat food

munch on nuts are more likely to maintain a healthy weight than those who don't. This could be because nuts are incredibly satiating thereby promoting weight loss.

blood pressure

Cashew consumption was also linked to lower levels of triglycerides—a type of fat in the blood that can increase your risk of stroke

Keep in mind, though, that not all cashews are created equal in this regard. Many packaged cashews come salted, and foods with excess salt have been linked to high blood pressure

cholesterol  improve

There are two types of cholesterol: LDL, the kind that causes harmful fatty buildups in your arteries, and HDL,protect your heart by carrying

your ratio to show lower levels of LDL cholesterol and higher levels of HDL. that incorporating cashews into your diet can decrease your "bad" LDL cholesterol

heart health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S.—above stroke, respiratory diseases, diabetes, and Alzheimer's combined.

when people with type 2 diabetes ate 30 grams of raw, unsalted cashew nuts daily for 12 weeks, they experienced a decrease in cardiovascular risk factors

blood sugar control

It probably goes without saying that what you eat can play a significant role in your body's ability to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

 Adding cashews to your diet could have a significant positive impact on your blood sugar, whether you have diabetes or prediabetes.

healthy dose

Copper plays an important role in various functions throughout the body, including the regulation of heart rate and blood pressure

the production of red blood cells, the development of bone, blood vessels, and connective tissue, and activation of the immune system.

protect your cells

well known for their impressive antioxidant content. Antioxidants are compounds that can neutralize damage-causing free radicals in your body

body from disease and reducing inflammation overall. Cashews, in particular, are an excellent source of two types of antioxidants

The most nutrient dense foods on the planet

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