top 10 Fast Food Fish Sandwiches

a Cajun-seasoned flounder fillet is breaded and fried to get the crunchy texture. Tartar sauce, barrel-cured pickles and buttery toasted brioche bun.

1. Cajun Flounder Sandwich

It starts with Alaska pollock fillet coated in seasoned panko crumbs. On a white bun, we add crisp lettuce, two slices of juicy tomato, and tartar sauce.

2. Whatacatch

Served on a warm sesame seed bun with lettuce and tartar sauce, Jack's Fish Sandwich is a favourite.

3. Jack in the Box: Fish Sandwich

Our fish is hand cut, hand battered, and cooked to order. Served with Culver's family recipe tartar sauce, crisp lettuce, and Wisconsin Cheddar.

4. North Atlantic Cod Filet Sandwich

a fried breaded fish fillet, a steamed bun, tartar sauce and pasteurized American cheese.

5. Checkers: Crispy Fish Sandwich

Alaskan pollock fillet, shredded iceberg, lettuce, and tartar sauce wrapped in a sesame seed bun.

6. Arby’s: Crispy Fish Sandwich

The Panko Breaded Fish Slider is made with tender, flaky wild-caught Alaska pollock, crispy panko breading, and American cheese.

7. Panko Breaded Fish Slider

Topped with sweet tartar sauce, tangy pickles and crispy panko breading, this Alaskan Pollock sandwich is sure to please.

8. Big Fish Sandwich

the fish filet in the sandwich is made from wild-caught Alaskan Pollock sourced from sustainable fisheries.

9. McDonald’s: Filet-O-Fish

A crispy Beer Battered Alaskan Pollock fillet, lettuce leaf, and creamy tartar sauce served on a seeded bun.

10. Beer Battered Fish Sandwich

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