The 10 Most Toxic Ingredients 

Propylene glycol is anti-caking. It's used to maintain texture in soft beverages, marinades, sauces, spices, baked goods, frostings, and frozen dairy items.

Propylene Glycol

McDonald's World Famous Fries are created with natural beef taste that includes hydrolyzed wheat and milk..

Natural Beef Flavor

Canadian, UK, and EU prohibited potassium bromate. It's still present in certain U.S. fast-food sandwich buns and pizza doughs.

Potassium Bromate

This colourless ingredient delivers calcium, explains Cording. "Safe intake limits in the U.S. restrict food usage. 

Calcium Sulfate

Soda, flavoured drinks, packaged meat, processed cheese, and chicken nuggets may include this mineral-based taste enhancer and emulsifier.

Phosphate Additives

Fried meals and snacks found at food restaurants are likely to contain the preservative tertiary butylhydroquinone, or TBHQ, in order to prevent spoilage in oils and fats


Lab-created butylated hydroxytoluene preserves food freshness "cording "Food quantities are normally safe, although animal studies have linked high dosages to specific malignancies.


A food preservative used to delay food spoilage and extend shelf life in oils, propyl gallate is an artificial ingredient in corn products, meat products, and mayonnaise.

Propyl gallate

Researchers at George Washington University analysed 9,200 people's health data. Participants documented their diet and source every 24 hours 


Cancer, reproductive abnormalities, low birth weight, and immune system damage are connected to PFASs in fast-food packaging. 


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