9 Best Smoothie Fruits for Weight Loss

Blueberries are the best smoothie antioxidant. Similar to grape resveratrol, pterostilbene activates liver cells to break down fat and cholesterol.


Cantaloupe is over 90% water and rich in fibre, making it excellent for a weight-loss smoothie as long as you don't include high-calorie add-ins like nut butters.


Apple snacks. It doesn't collapse like grapes and berries. High-fiber apple peel is "low-GI." "GI" measures two-hour blood sugar after a meal.


Not a popular smoothie fruit, but worth trying. Kiwi has at least 3 grammes of fibre per serving, which may help reduce blood sugar.


Keeping grapefruit halves during mealtimes might help you lose weight. As a meal alternative, try a grapefruit smoothie.


Vitamin C and fibre make nature's delicious a great weight-maintenance fruit. 1 cup strawberries has 49 calories, 7 g sugar, and 3 g fibre.


Cherry smoothies are delicious. Pit them. Tart cherries are low in calories and sugar (a half-cup contains 48 calories and 10 grammes of sugar) and rich in antioxidant compounds


Watermelon has a high glycemic index but is appropriate for overweight or high-blood-sugar persons since it's heavy in water, fibre, and low in carbs.


Raspberries provide 2.6 grammes of sugar every 34-cup, 57-calorie serving. Keep a bag in the freezer since they spoil quickly. 


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