Stop Drinking These Beverages instantly

Pasteurized Fruit Juice

The biggest problem with fruit juice is that a glass or two tends to contain way more fruit than you'd regularly consume in one sitting.

Conventional Milk

Milk consumption to higher rates of breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer — it's why registered dietitian Isabel Smith recommends organic dairy products

Sweetened Non-Dairy Milks

Many flavored brands are loaded with empty calories, and some contain carrageenan, a thickening agent derived from seaweed that can irritate your digestive system.

Zero-Calorie, Artificially-Sweetened Beverages

It can mess with the balance of bacteria in your gut—which plays a big role in weight regulation, drink water and boost the flavor with a squeeze of lemon

Regular Cola

Dark sodas may also contain phosphoric acid, which reduces the amount of calcium your body absorbs, ultimately weakening your bones and increasing your risk of injuries

A Venti-Sized Caffeine Fix

A massive coffee will obviously rev you up — but after you buzz through your morning, all that caffeine can mess with your sleep schedule and nervous system

Premixed Alcoholic Beverages

While premixed, bottled cocktails are crazy convenient and genius in their own right, they're often full of preservatives and way more sugar than any sane person

Muscle Milks and Pre-Made Protein Drinks

Try unflavored protein powder, unsweetened almond milk, and fruit for a flavorful combo that's free of the extra stuff,

Sports Drinks and Electrolyte-Replacement Drinks

colors and sweeteners that just don't qualify as food. For non-athletes who want to nurse a hangover or fluids after a super-sweaty fitness class

Warm Water Bottles

Heat can degrade the plastic, and experts worry that this can cause chemicals to leech into the water.If you drink contaminated water on the regular, this could disrupt your hormones

Club Soda

Club soda and some mineral waters can be a sneaky source of sodium, with upwards of 50 milligrams per serving. Look for sodium-free varieties with natural flavors