Stay warm with these 10 twists on traditional chili

Chocolate Chili

it used three: unsweetened cocoa powder, chopped semisweet chocolate and one chocolate stout beer. Gee, maybe we should have led with the beer part.

Chili on Rice

If you’re a starch-lover at heart and a big bowl of chili seems a bit too hearty, then try spooning a scoop over some white rice. Not only will it satisfy your hunger

Chili-Beef Tacos

By now you’ve probably figured out that you can pretty much put chili on anything, including tacos! Just use any chili recipe you’d like and spoon it on top of a soft

Chili Pizza

In sticking with the tradition set by decades of delivery people, your pizza should be ready and on the table in 30 minutes or less.

Chili Macaroni

Adding pasta can make chili into an even more filling lunch or dinner. Eight ingredients go into this skillet-cooked version with elbow macaroni and sirloin beef

Chili Fries

The same can be said about chili-cheese fries — except french fries are an even more acceptable year-round food. While you could get your chili straight from a can for this meal,

Chili Dogs

Use the cold weather as an excuse to cook up some dogs and top them with hearty, meaty chili. Grill covered in snow? 

Chili Burger

Chili on a burger is as delicious as it is messy and should be reserved for only the most serious of carnivores. After all, it’s ground beef on top of ground beef. 

Chili-Cheese Nachos

Chili-cheese nachos are the perfect game day snack (for any sport!) as they really only require chili, cheese and chips, with some sour cream to add on top.

Chicken Chili

Why should beef get all the attention when it comes to chili? This recipe from The Spruce subs chicken as the meat. Although the list of ingredients is lengthy