Side Effects of Eating Too Much Sugar

1. Smoothies in a Bottle

If you're buying your smoothie from the drink section at your local gas station,chances are, you're not exactly buying fiber-rich drink filled with fresh and nutritious fruits.

In fact, most bottled smoothies don't have any satiating macronutrients and don't use any real blended fruit. The smoothie manufacturers often use fruit juice concentrates

and fruit purees to enhance their sweet sips, and those ingredients can be just as damaging as high fructose corn syrup, an additive that has been said to cause increased levels of bad cholesterol

Always check the label of any store-bought BBQ sauce, and beware of any brand that is promoting its "honey sweetness.

2. BBQ Sauce

They look so healthy, but so often, they're not. Not only are these bars typically lacking in satiating nutrients like fiber and protein,

3. Cereal Bars

but certain brands will trick you into thinking they have a lot less sugar than they do (i.e. many packages contain two bars and not just one, but only list the sugar content of one).

If you're trying to stay healthy and lose weight, choosing a dressing that's marketed to be "fat-free" or "light" is the wrong move.

4. Salad Dressings

In order to make up for the loss of flavor provided by fat, companies pack the bottles with chemicals, sodium, and—of course—sugar.

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