7 Foods Nutritionists Hate the Most

Consuming large amounts of sugar has been linked to obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, chronic inflammation, and mental health issues

1. Any food where sugar is among the first few ingredients

But what makes sugar even worse than other foods linked with those same conditions is that it is addictive. "It's so addictive that in my opinion, it should be regulated by the FDA.

Not only are they loaded with sugar or chemical sugar-substitutes, both of which are linked to metabolic issues, but also, they get their garish hues from artificial coloring

2. Any and all soda

If it's junk food, it's junk food, no matter what adjectives you stick in front of the word "cookie" or "breakfast cereal.

3. Foods labeled "healthy" for no reason at all

Coffee creamers are filled with fake ingredients that do more harm than the flavor could ever be worth, she told us. We're talking trans fats, artificial sweeteners,

4. Flavored coffee creamers

carrageenan, and artificial coloring, and over time, you might be looking at dangerously elevated LDL cholesterol levels, and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. 

The problem with potato chips (which despite being made with potatoes, have negligible fiber content) is that what makes them so appealing is precisely what makes them bad for you

5. Potato chips

Most have essentially the same nutrition content as Hot Pockets, and some are actually worse off

6. "Lean" Pockets

Pop-tarts taste as good as they do because they've been engineered that way—all that sugar, high fructose corn syrup, fat, and sodium make for a delicious treat

7. Pop-tarts

that lights up our pleasure center and makes us come back for more. And more.Even their packaging stacks the deck against you: with two in a packet, what are the odds you're going to eat just one

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