Side Effects Of Eating Chicken Every Day

Calcium and Vitamin D seem to get the spotlight when bone health is discussed keeping your skeleton healthy and strong too.

Strong Bones

Protein sources, like chicken, at mealtime can help you feel more satisfied, which in turn may help you resist the after-dinner munchies.

Feel More Satisfied

Suggests that those who consume more choline perform better on memory tests vs. those who did not consume a lot of this nutrient

Improved Memory

Low levels of serotonin are linked to depression, so supporting healthy levels by eating chicken

Better Feeling

You are consuming dark-meat chicken, you are getting a boost of iron, which can help replenish your levels

Feel Less Fatigue

Loaded with butter, and doused in unhealthy seasonings, eating it may help improve your heart health

Improved Heart Health

Healthy diets that includes poultry are related to better fertility in women and better semen quality in men.

Improved Fertility

 Many factors play a role in its development, including poultry in your diet may help reduce the incidence of this disease.

Colorectal Cancer

When you focus on one food, you run the risk of limiting other varieties and missing out on some super-important nutrients.

Experience Nutrient

Consuming chicken in the right manner might not contribute to a spike in your cholesterol levels. It all depends on how you consume it

 Increase cholesterol

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