Side Effects of Eating Asparagus

strong odor in your urine

Asparagus contains a substance compound called asparagusic corrosive that isn't found elsewhere. This compound contains sulfur,

despite the fact that sulfur can be found in different food varieties like eggs, dairy items, and certain organic products, this particular compound is one of a kind

Asparagus is stuffed loaded with various kinds of supplements, including fiber. For every half cup of cooked asparagus,

feel more bloated

you'll get around 1.8-2 grams of fiber, which can be perfect for a sound intestinal system. Asparagus even contains a novel fiber called "inulin,

In the event that you eat asparagus consistently, you might risk impeding explicit blood-diminishing drugs.

interfere with your medications

Since vitamin K is high in proteins that cause blood coagulation, this nutrient can in some cases disrupt certain

Peevish Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a typical event among Americans, but since it is a perplexing issue with a large number

discover a new intolerance

Fructans are a kind of starch found in things like rye, grain, onions, Brussels fledglings, and asparagus.

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