4 Most Overpriced Burger Chains

Five Guys

Five Guys' standing for being overrated is a long time really taking shape. Because of its precarious costs, the chain started to become undesirable with one of its center client gatherings,

twenty to thirty year olds, around 2017. Also, after five years, the story hasn't changed a lot, with Five Guys' costs still a sensitive subject on Twitter.

Cherished for its leader "ShackBurger" and its menu of hand-turned milkshakes and frozen custard, Shake Shack positions among the main 15 biggest burger chains in the U.S.

Shake Shack

The chain is flourishing post-pandemic, as well, announcing same-store deals development of 10.3% in its latest quarter.

A herald of the "better burger" pattern, the Colorado-based chain (claimed by Jollibee) is renowned for its crushed flawlessly burgers,


Smashburger started out in 2007, and its impression is right now extending at a pace of around 20 caf├ęs each year.

Well known for its drive-in and rollerskating carhops, Sonic Drive-In has been around since the '50s, with its varied menu of burgers, franks, slushes, and barbecued cheddar sandwiches.

Sonic Drive-In

The drive-in chain delighted in something of a resurgence during the pandemic, with its off-premise plan of action assisting it with developing deals by 21%.