Sick of soup? Try these 10 other recipes

BBQ Chicken

Barbecue chicken is something we like to make in larger quantities for multiple uses. Throw a couple of pounds of chicken in the slow cooker and you can use the tasty result

Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings are our favorite game day, cheat day and any day food. Our love for this kickin’ chicken only grew when we found out it could be made in the slow cooker.

Chicken Marsala

We recently got a hankering for chicken marsala, and said, “Why not try it in the slow cooker?” The result was easier, cheaper, and safer than dining out—and just as tasty.


When there’s a chill in the air, curl up with a warm bowl of chili! It’s heartier than soup, and a great source of protein if you use this recipe

Corned Beef Hash

You’ll need to cook the hash portion in a skillet, but the corned beef goes into the slow cooker to be prepared to absolute perfection. African Bites has an awesome recipe

Crispy Orange Beef

There are a lot of chuck roast slow cooker recipes, but we like this one from Foodtastic Mom. It’s a variation of the famous crispy orange beer Chinese takeout dish

Eggplant Parm

Eggplant parmigiana is a dish that sounds so fancy we felt the need to abbreviate its name in the title. But it’s actually quite simple to prepare, and even easier using your slow cooker.

French Toast

Traditional French toast can be tricky (but not impossible), so we usually opt for a French toast casserole recipe, like this nifty nine-ingredient version from Moms with Crockpots.


This frittata recipe from Taste of Home. Most frittata recipes call for tomato and potato in addition to the egg but feel free to add your own spin

Jerk Chicken

Jerk chicken? In a slow cooker? Yes, it’s true, you can make this Jamaican favorite with your favorite appliance.  you can even blacken the skin until it’s crispy

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