Serious Side Effects Of Soursops

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Experiments on animals have revealed that this plant has the ability to lower blood pressure levels in the body.

Low Blood Pressure

Soursop is well-known for its cancer-fighting abilities. This feature is derived from the fruit's capacity to limit the availability of adenosine triphosphate to cancer cells.

Avoid Soursop With Coq10

According to several studies, tea produced from the stems and leaves of this plant can cause neurotoxicity issues.


If you are being treated for depression and on antidepressant medications, you should avoid soursop because it can nullify the effectiveness of these medications.


Long-term use of soursop may result in the development of fungal and yeast infections in the body.


A number of studies have found that the chemical found in soursop is also found in those suffering from Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson’s Disease

One of the most dangerous soursop side effects. A high dose of Graviola may have an adverse effect on the body's cardiovascular system.

Affect Cardiovascular System

Soursop eating in excess may cause uterine contractions. Pregnant women should avoid using it because it can cause miscarriage or early labour.

Uterine Problems

may result in the development of neurological diseases. If you intend to ingest soursop in its raw form or as supplements available on the market, see your doctor beforehand.

Neurological Problems

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