Most Popular Chocolate Candy in America

In 1930 the very first Snickers was created and it wasn't named after a giggle, but a horse. Over 48 million Americans consumed Snickers in 2020


Peanut Butter Cups are the epitome of candy. Whether they come in egg shapes, pumpkin shapes

Peanut Butter Cups

Hershey's theorizes it was the sound the chocolate made on the conveyor belt or that it was simply a common name for a small piece of candy

Hershey's Kisses

Popular chocolate candy in the U.S. Kit-Kat was originally invented in England in 1935 and didn't make its way to the U.S. until 1970


The product was inspired by a trip abroad, where Forrest E. Mars, Sr. saw soldiers eating candy-coated chocolate 

Peanut M&Ms

 This bar is the American standard. The first bar was sold in 1900 by Milton S. Hershey. But it hasn't been without its tweaks

Milk Chocolate

Mounds, the dark chocolate version without almonds came first in 1919, Almond Joy didn't make its debut until 1948.

Almond Joy

The secret ingredient in the irresistible peanut butter-layered center is corn flakes, which give the bar its signature crunch.


This candy bar is the classic Hershey's milk chocolate dotted with whole crunchy almonds. When Hershey's tried to update this bar in 2016

Hershey's Almond

Chocolate nougat covered with a thin layer of chocolate is the hallmark of this candy bar. By the way, 3 Musketeers just beat out Twix