13 Discontinued Oatmeals

Oatmeal Swirlers

the iconic Oatmeal Swirlers made by General Mills. The oatmeal product came with a packet of flavored gel that encouraged kids to play

Kashi Oatmeal

Somewhat healthier than sugar-laden Oatmeal Swirlers, Kashi oatmeal has also been discontinued. According to a company Facebook comment 

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal

the king of oatmeal, has many, many different flavors and varieties, but the Chocolate Chip instant oatmeal is no more

Crystal Oats

Crystal Wedding Oats were apparently a type of quick-cooking oat that used to feature tumblers inside of each pack

Wendy's Oatmeal

less healthy than a bowl of steel-cut oats. Check out the full Wendy's breakfast menu taste test for a full review.

Multigrain Oatmeal

 Chick-fil-A added multigrain oatmeal to their breakfast menu made with a combination of whole grain rolled oats, steel-cut oats, and flax seeds

Maple-Flavored Oatmeal

Burger King jumped on the oatmeal bandwagon in 2011 with their maple-flavored oatmeal.  It disappeared during the pandemic.

Oatmeal, Oats & Flax

This oatmeal was removed from the Great Value line sometime in 2020. The addition of healthy flaxseed was a nice

Uncle Sam Oatmeal

Uncle Sam cereal is a high-fiber offering that has been around since 1908. It combines wheat berry flakes with flaxseeds

Free Chex Oatmeal

This flaxseed oatmeal is thick, creamy and healthy! It takes only 15 minutes to make and it is great for breakfast

Oats Oatmeal Varities

Better Oats, a Post brand, still makes plenty of healthy varieties of oatmeal and oat products, but the following were discontinued

Big Bowl  Oatmeal

oatmeal packets in maple brown sugar, cinnamon spice, and apple-cinnamon flavors, but alas all have been discontinued.

Great Grains Oatmeals

The brand also used to include Original Instant Oatmeal, Blueberry Morning Instant Oatmeal, and Maple Brown Sugar

high protein veggy

8. Canned sardines