Most Expensive Sandwiches

Honey Baked Sandwich

Honey Baked Ham locations serve prepared food, including very good sandwiches. The Tavern Club costs the same as several other of the retailer's most expensive sandwiches

 Chicken Melt

This sandwich packs a lot of flavor in between the sliced "rustic baguette" bread thanks to flavorful cheddar cheese, a "zesty spread," and Vidalia onion coleslaw.

Tatum Sandwich

Named for NBA star Jayson Tatum, in its footlong variety, This spicy sandwich is big on flavor and price. This Baller Sub offering is a limited-time.

Habit Burger

This offering elevates the mere fish sandwich thanks to its use of "line-caught, sushi-grade tuna steak" that's served with a teriyaki glaze, among a few other carefully chosen ingredients

White Cheddar Sandwich

This sandwich is nearly twice the price of the most expensive sandwiches from some other fast-food restaurants, but it's also a much more artisanal affair, with chunks

Quizno's sandwich 

A fast-food sandwich touting lobster is bound to be pricey, and this one hit the premium mark. While it's allegedly made with a "lobster & seafood salad

Meatball Sandwich

In case you are worried about getting your money's worth when you order this nearly $12 sandwich, don't be. This monster sub with two types of meat packs 1,920 calories

Gargantuan Giant sandwich

Here we arrive at the almost $20 sandwich, but this one behemoth could feed four people a decent lunch-sized portion, so you can think of it more like four $5 sandwiches

Cheese Sandwich

This is one of the most expensive cheese sandwiches that can be found out there. Its most important ingredient would be the cheddar cheese

Cutlet Sandwich

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