McDonald's Really Serves Breakfast

Salad double-decker? McDonald's and other eateries calorie-pack salads. 520cal/25g fat. Carbohydrates: 46. False. Carb-heavy salad without bread. 

Chicken  Salad

Restaurants, McDonald's Eschew soda. Icing. McDonald's small Coke has 150 calories and 42g carbs. McDonald's loves carbs. Sweet tea 90 calories, 21 carbohydrates. Tea/water.

Skip the soda

March shamrock smoothie. Science stopped it. 16-ounce smoothie: 550 calories, 13 g fat. Shamrock shakes. Dietician: Sugar is six loaves. Men need 36 g of sugar, women 24 g.

Shamrock shake

Nope. McDonald's milkshakes contaminated. Smoothies contain 490 calories. Little shakes have 80 carbohydrates. Vanilla has 59 g of sugar, chocolate 74.


Pumpkin spice lattes and caramel mochas are McCafe beverages. Frappes are the worst for calories
and sugar

McCafe Frappes

790 calories, 35g fat, 103g carbohydrates in sausage pancakes. Health-worst: McDonald's hotcakes with sausage. conscious's Salty and sugary foods are unhealthy. 

Hotcakes and sausage

Gummy McGriddles. Bacon, eggs, cheese, and butter make delicious cakes. High-cholesterol, high-sodium, high-fat food ruins diets.

Cheese McGriddles

Skip breakfast sausage sandwiches when hungry. 530 calories, 34g fat, and 38g carbohydrates in one egg-sausage biscuit. Greasy bread holds four sausages.

Sausage sandwiches

Medium fries provide 340 calories, 16g fat, and 44g carbs. Refuse fries with your burger. Vegetarian side dish? Pass. Beef-flavored fries. Third is dextrose (sugar).

famous fries

Grim reality. Most McDonald's foods are unhealthy. Sometimes you may be forced to eat at McDonald's. While that's unfortunate,

So where does all this                leave you?

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