How Much Protein Is In Every Type of Cheese

PER 1 OZ: 3.06 g protein , Coming in at around three grams of protein per ounce, this soft, mild cheese makes any dish supremely creamy without overpowering 


PER 1 OZ: 5 g protein , Brie has around five grams of protein per serving and is often eaten as a standalone cheese rather than in dishes. Spread it on seedy bread with fig jam


PER 1 OZ: 5.1 g protein, This crumbly Greek cheese is sharp and pungent, pairing perfectly with sweeter salads to add protein and depth of flavor. It's also yummy sprinkled over top shawarma


PER 1 OZ: 5.1 g protein, You'll likely find a log of goat cheese on any cheese board or atop a mixed green salad. Crumbly and tart, you can find garlic and herb, cranberry,

Goat Cheese

PER 1 OZ: 5.7 g protein, This crumbly Mexican cheese is delicious on guacamole, carnitas tacos, and Mexican street corn.


PER 1 OZ: 6.1 g protein, Buffalo wings and blue cheese? A match made in heaven. The tangy, crumbly cheese is the perfect way to tame a spicy dish. Crumble it over a wedge salad

Blue Cheese

PER 1 OZ: 6.1 g protein, This soft, smooth, and mild cheese is the American version of the French Munster cheese. Its orange rind gives it a nutty and sweet flavor.


PER 1 OZ: 6.1 g protein, This processed cheese comes in at 6.1 grams of protein. Serve it up in a classic grilled cheese, mixed into macaroni and cheese


PER 1 OZ: 6.6 g protein, Another tangy, dry cheese, you only need a sprinkle of gorgonzola to taste the full-bodied flavor.


PER 1 OZ: 6.8 g protein, The marriage of Colby and Monterey cheeses came together for this semi-hard deli favorite, which packs in almost seven grams of protein per ounce.

Colby Jack

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